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Posted: February 17, 2014
The Sun now transits the House of Pisces! The annual thinning of the veil will part the curtains between the realm of spirit and our material world. All deceptions will melt before our eyes whether they are internal or external to us. Angels will dance into our lives to bless us, protect us, and lead us along super-spiritual pathways of promise. The hopeless will become joyous as this 'Sun of Miracles' sees that desperate, secretive matters are tended to with the love and power of the Almighty. Wherever we look, God is there, and this most mystical Sun will remind us of this profound truth.I predict the following to occur while the Sun transits Pisces: family miracl...
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Posted: February 15, 2014
'First take the log out of your eye, and then you'll see clearly to take the splinter out of your brother's or sister's eye.' (Matthew 7:5) These are the profound words of wisdom from Avatar Jesus. They unabashedly infiltrate our consciousness like a cosmic wave rippling across the Multiverse, reverberating from the inside out. What can we understand from these words that slice through the collective unconscious?As conscious as we might feel we're being in our interaction with others we're more often than not kidding ourselves. The ego we so heavily cling to as if our life depended on it, cannot fathom being ‘wrong'. It would much rather kick, scream, stand on it's head whilst rotating at a 360 degree angle, do the splits, go lick its wounds in the...
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Posted: February 11, 2014
Friday night's Full Moon in Leo will bring unexpected closures and climaxes to the affairs which are most dear to our hearts. The fulfillment of desires that bring joy to the heart will play a prominent theme for the evening. Powerful lessons in beauty, loyalty, and love will abound as our minds are touched to realize unlearned lessons that have held us back from spiritual growth. Passion, creativity, and joy will roar beneath the light of the Lion's Moon!With the Aquarius Sun illuminating the Leo Moon we can all expect astonishment in some form or fashion. Communications, networking, and spiritual inspiration will elevate our minds into new realms of creative thoug...
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Posted: February 9, 2014
Embracing PolarityAs I write these words Pluto is opposing the Black Sun, the point at which the Sun is furthest from the Earth and its illuminating power is therefore at its weakest. This opposition defies all egoic attempts to be in control, to dictate progress, direction, outcome or reward, plunging us into a deep process of powerlessness which eventually reveals the true nature of power. It demands that we acknowledge both our lack of it at a mundane level and the inherent power which lives at the very heart of who we are: the power to identify not with the changing conditions of our internal and external worlds but with the unchanging presence that resides in all things, no matter what experiences may befall them.We are talking about extremes here, polarities: Light...
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Posted: February 8, 2014
You are in connection with the flow of information at all times, even as you sleep. Your physical body and your subtle body receive and emit information constantly. You are never alone, you are never disconnected, you are never truly still. You do have a choice to be aware, to listen and to breathe the soul. This is meditation in its quiet form and joy in its movement form, and it is always in-formation. Your movement flows with your peace and your peace gives way to the Auspicious Information of this age. You, blessed being, are the fulcrum point of Life's paths converging, choosing and changing. The movement of Life will converge within you, the choice is yours to formulate anew, and change is the response of Life. Information then, is Auspicious based on your choice. The cho...
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Posted: February 5, 2014
Exploring CommunicationThis passage of Mercury retrograde begins by highlighting the unpredictable nature of communication - no matter how adept at it we believe ourselves to be! As it progresses it then shifts our attention to detaching from the outcomes of our communication and accepting that once ‘out there', what it becomes is rarely in our hands. It's easy and natural to feel that we in some way own what we communicate. We have a message, whatever it may be, we translate it into words or images and assume someone else, when they encounter those words or images, will get the same message from them that we sought to convey. If only the world were th...
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Posted: January 31, 2014
Mercury now transits the House of Pisces! The secret poisons of life will now be brought to light as knowledge and awareness of these things fills our minds. Exposures will come to duplicitous enemies that have been wearing masks to the world. Awareness will rise to those who live in hopelessness and suffering that will fuel global efforts to answer their desperate calls. The hands of angels will be working heavily to bring our minds to focus upon the things which Heaven wills us to do.Mystical knowledge, insight, thought, and inspiration will be streaming powerfully, especially beyond February 6th when Mercury begins its retrograde in Pisces. This energy will remind us of ...
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Posted: January 30, 2014
Pandora's HopeToday's New Moon offers creativity of thought and an opportunity to view a familiar scenario from a new perspective. If an area of life, or just life itself, is feeling stale and in need of refreshment, this Moon offers the prospect of new understanding which can help shift us through blocks and obstacles created by our habitually pursuing the same old thoughts down the same old ruts. Here we have the chance to think outside the box, or just recognise there was no box to start with - we made it up to keep us safe - but what was once refuge has now become a prison of rigid perspectives and worn out views.And to continue with the box theme, this new Moon occurs conjunct asteroid Pandora. We all know about her box (well, it was actually a jar, but most know it...
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Posted: January 29, 2014
Tomorrow's New Moon in Aquarius, one long awaited in Heaven and on Earth, will open gateways into the unexpected future. Dreams that have gone unanswered will soon be made real enabling joys, liberties, and infinite creative potentials to manifest. What we think the future holds will soon be erased and replaced with divine sequences of events that race us into brilliant new stations within time and space. As is the case with every New Moon a powerfully refreshing new chapter of life is about to begin!I predict the following to occur beyond this New Moon in Aquarius: the creation of a new internet, global humanitarian successes, enhancements to social support systems, un...
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