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2011 Equals 4

Posted: January 1, 2011

2011 Equals 4

I am writing this blog entry beginning on December 31 of the Three (3) year, i.e., (2+0+1+0 = 3). Most likely, I will finish this blog entry in the upcoming year 2011, making it a Four (4) year when adding the numbers 2+0+1+1.

The year of Three (3) in No Nonsense Numerology—The Code, essentially, includes the word patterns (Clue) (Cull) and (Luck) along with several others that have yin and yang meanings. One either needs to get a (Clue) or is good at culling (gathering) them from having remained an independent thinker in Number Two (2). Becoming dependant, one willingly gives up his or her critical mind. This, however, is sometimes necessary for accomplishing some missions, duties, or jobs. Though it is best, this is done in a partnership where all parties concur.

We can find our individual years by adding our Life Path number that is the Entire Birth Date that includes month, day, and year until it is a single digit. We add that number to the number for the current year. For example, if we have a Two (2) Life Path, theoretically, other lessons for the year become those of the Number Six (6) when adding Two (2) and Four (4).

What does this mean? The Four (4) year we are going into would be for all, and the individual years would mean our own lessons (along with millions of others.)

Number Four (4) word patterns are: (Doom Victory - Do Move) (Do Venom) (Made Victorious) (Moved) (Victory Doomed) (Venom Do - Victory Made). We can see the yin and yang qualities of the word patterns. The first and last tiers have two word patterns.

Either we feel (Victory Doomed) or its opposite, (Made Victorious) over personal animosities. The numbers in this method deal with our psyches, which determine our actions. They do not predict our future or personal gain. Only our actions can give us a positive future or a negative one. Number Four (4) shows us how to be victorious over negativity. We are (Moved) or (Do Move) by being psychologically flexible to change our attitudes to positive ones.

How do we fall onto the negative word pattern (Venom Do) of the (vmd) tier rather than positive ones? Theoretically, we have become spoiled in Number One (1) when we would not or could not (Adjust) to varied circumstances or lessons of that number. This meant making lemonade from lemons, or the best of meager circumstances rather than becoming resentful or jealous of others. We, unrealistically, wanted everything to go our way. Theoretically, we became too dependent in Number Two (2) when being (Backed) by others, not heeding the warning of (Be Too Constant) so became needy instead of remaining independent. Resentment and bitterness brewed when we did not get our way, thus, we chose to (Do Venom) to others because we personally felt (Victory Doomed).

The opposite aspect of Four (4) overcomes animus and anger, so is a positive example for others to follow. This person is (Moved) to be (Made Victorious) over negative feelings.

The brief synopsis of Number Four (4) gives us a clue that the year 2011 will swing between extremes of negative and positive. Will we be (Victory Doomed) or (Made Victorious) in our attitudes or achievements? Remaining or becoming flexible as (Do Move) or (Moved) will help us stay on the positive side of numbers.

Instead of personally experiencing and discovering the world, too many allow others to dictate what life is about, so voyeuristically live life. Fear of experiencing life holds us back.

Why are humans so much more interested in knowing what material things they will get from life than improving character? Having a healthy Life Force helps us to embrace the challenges and offerings of life when not having one may cause us to think we are undeserving. So, knowing what the future has in-store is useless if we cannot embrace life to accept a positive future.

Nothing is wrong with having things. This is a densely material world. We learn from physical things. An obsession with accumulating things, however, becomes debilitating. As discussed in my prior blog, some people profit massively from owning the natural resources that sustain life, making them gods over who lives and dies. Are these greedy individuals only comfortable among their own clique of materialistic people? Are they uncomfortable around those who are materially poor, but spiritually rich?

The book No Nonsense Numerology—The Code published by Llumina Press uncovers a possible link to human intelligence that formed these definitions: whether they understood what they were doing or simply channeled it from other humans who have learned the process through eons of existence. Nevertheless, those who understand psychology will see an interconnecting link, culminating in a perfect pattern of psychology, from one number to the next.

I would never suggest that some omnipotent source sanctified the definitions in this method of numerology. I have always proposed that testing these definitions of numbers in a controlled environment may prove or disprove them.

Why don't we do this together by sharing our experiences with these definitions? I have no doubt that Token Rockers will live up to the challenge of Number Four (4) by making this a wonderfully positive year.

... stay tuned ...

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RE: 2011 Equals 4
By: Angela Artemis - January 2, 2011 08:44 PM MST
I find numerology to be fascinating. I've read a few numerology books for novices in the past, but never really studied it deeply. I've read that everything in the Universe can be distilled down to numbers and equations, although my little brain isn't able to quite comprehend it - I believe it!
RE: 2011 Equals 4
By: sleuthold - January 3, 2011 10:17 AM MST
I've started reading your book! Fascinating!
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