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Posted: December 20, 2010
To those people whom we love, but have never met.I have a growing list of people whom my heart feels for who wouldn't know me if they saw me. This does not include celebrities, but others who risk themselves so that the world will be a better place. This list certainly omits most modern politicians, who are puppet slaves to greedy puppet masters doing their bidding for power, privilege, profit, prestige, and parties.The list surely includes the young people countries send to wars. It also includes the nameless civilian victims like the teenage boy whose head was blown up like a dropped watermelon. It includes the young girl carried in her father's arms. Fire from bombs burned her foot to the bone. It dangled from tendons as she screamed in agony. These searing images were ...
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Posted: November 21, 2010
Many of us enthusiastically embrace this time of year. We love buying presents, cooking sumptuous dinners, and visiting families. On the other hand, for many of us this is indisputably the saddest time of year. It is an anguished reminder of being alone. Whether we have families who we'd like to forget, who forgot us, or we simply don't have the money to visit.Please don't even get me started about flying! I'm sure most of us have the same feelings about that disgusting turn of events. . . . And, at this time of year! Grandparents, nuns, disabled Veterans, and little children! What message does this send young children, when parents are trying to teach them not to let strangers touch them inappropriately?! Groping little children isn't even appropriate for Uncle Sam! . ...
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Posted: November 19, 2010
Happy 75th Birthday to Jack Welch!Jack is best known for having been the CEO of General Electric for 20 years, but to me as a Numerologist, I will always think of him as being one of the best testaments to the power of the 3 Life Path I have ever seen.

At birth, Jack was given the name John Francis Welch, Jr., and he was born on November 19, 1935 in Salem, Massachusetts, to a railroad conductor, John, and Grace, a housewife. So in this life he is on a 3 Life Path.Jack also has a 3 Heart's Desire and a 3 Personality, on top of a 1 birthday. To sum it up, according to Numerology it basically means this: Jack was born to be a creative communicator, his approach is very dire...
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Posted: November 15, 2010
What philosophies, theologies, or ideologies allow us to remain unlearned, unashamed, unreformed, or unevolved? What philosophies, theologies, or ideologies punish wrongdoers who become learned, ashamed, reformed, or evolved? Where's the logic?A creator of theologies that sends repentant wrongdoers to eternal damnation or returns them into lesser form must have little if any trust in or respect for humanity: 'What a waste of time to have created such losers! Rid them from my sight immediately! . . . (I hate facing my mistakes.)'A more flexible and tolerant creator might feel, 'Things haven't gone so well with the first batch. Perhaps, writing new instructions for living might help them.' That said, isn't the whole notion of a creator that 'he' is perfect and ...
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Posted: November 10, 2010
Every week I teach a lecture at Canyon Ranch about Women's Wisdom. We talk about the steps and stages of womanhood and the importance of honoring each stage with ceremony. I love the women that show up, open-hearted and willing to offer their perspectives, experiences and wisdom. I also talk about how women are the ritual keepers; we gather the community, organize the meals and light the candles. We talk about what is real, what needs to be changed, what other people need, who is hurting and who is healing. We often focus on what nurtures and what heals and we are often looking for solutions to 'make things better.'Many of the women that I have worked with are seeking a reconnection with what is 'true.' Often they have taken part in the myth of the 'perfec...
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Posted: November 9, 2010
The brave Chilean miners are clearly individuals who have reclaimed their Life Forces. They are positive examples of embracing life. Their 70-day ordeal was unimaginable. How many of us could have survived? Not one of those men died. The miner who ran in the New York Marathon is a wonderful example of the positiveness of humanity.Many examples of wonderful people show us the courage of the human spirit. Society is better for Farrah Fawcett having shared her gutsy battle with cancer. In front of the world, she gracefully accepted shedding her cherished blonde locks.Actor Christopher Reeve nobly fought his battle with spinal cord injury, his wife Dana staying lovingly by his side. Can any of us who are largely whole imagine having our bodily functions taken care of by anothe...
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Posted: November 8, 2010
It is common medical knowledge that the vast majority of visits to the family doctor are stress-related. Moreover, we know with scientific certainty that stress, a sense of despair, and/or a lack of motivation can complicate most any surgery and aggravate nearly any condition. One of the core messages in my book Inspiration Deficit Disorder is that a sense of joy, inner peace and purpose are not luxuries or qualities reserved for the psychologically inclined - such qualities are critical to health in every sense of the word.Among the many tools I teach and use are three simple questions that could change your life. You can ask yourself these questions when you feel stuck to gain perspective, you can sit quietly and review them every morning, you...
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Posted: November 1, 2010
What in the Helvetica Font Typeface does that mean!?We get an image of someone detached from emotions, smiling vacantly, glassy eyes gazing into the clouds with hands in a prayerful pose. This person is living in perfect peace with the Universe. No bugs exist that are too small, large, benign, intrusive, cute, or ugly that the person living his or her authentic self does not love. He or she does not squash the meddling moth making holes in beautiful sweaters, but marvels at the artistic asymmetrical hollows among the weaves of expensive woolens. Of course, well-placed mothballs or cedar chips prevent angst at the little creatures. This authentic person doesn't spray bug killers on thick lines of ants running from the kitchen door to the top shelf, each salivating for its turn at ...
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Posted: October 31, 2010
Recently, I was working with a client who spoke for half an hour about her life before we went into the next step of the session. Every aspect of her life seemed filled with anger, sadness, resentment and bitterness. Everything was unfair and the more she talked the more I saw that her feeling that 'everything is unfair' became stronger, bigger, bolder. When I would interject with an idea to help her reframe the experiences she was talking about so that they might be more useful, she would immediately return to the negative talk, holding on tightly to the pattern.

I have worked with many people over the years, mostly women, and I have listened to countless personal stories, some deeply heartbreaking and others amazingly joyful. Most, a combination of both. I have noticed wha...
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