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Posted: April 14, 2011
Living an Inspired LifeA personal journey of transformation through yogaSophia S Paul, Cert. Yoga Instructor, RMT, ND, WriterDrawing from a rich colorful tapestry of life experiences there is an urgency to share my story with the reader. This book is about dispelling the myths about yoga being only for the young, fit and flexible as well as that one has to become a Buddhist/Hindu or that one will be converted into a different belief systems in order to benefit from yoga. I want to encourage and inspire other people, to step out of their comfort zone and try something new -that weird thing called yoga - then see for themselves how their ...
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Posted: April 13, 2011
I just returned from Token Rock's new section under Inspiration entitled Sound Center. Token Rock again proves it is not lagging behind as just another pretty face. The articles point out that using sound as a healing device is not a new idea, but a long-buried ancient practice that some current cultures still apply. The brilliant Richard Merrick and others illuminate the conception so clearly, who would want to ingest polluting chemical pharmaceuticals ever again?I'm sure most of us are aware of the soothing affects of music while meditating. The articles in the Sound Center made me recall my feelings about some aggressive and hostile styles of music. That they may induce and increase anger, rather than assuaging it. So, I have no doubt that music can soothe...
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Posted: April 11, 2011
Some mornings we awaken to all Helvetica Font Type breaking loose. Everything that can go wrong goes wrong, and at the worst possible time. Water gushes from bathroom pipes. The washer chugs to a halt when every piece of clothing is dirty and we're late for school, work, or an important appointment. Fido, the dog really did eat the homework. We're out the door, jump in the car, turn the ignition, and it refuses to start. Oh, brother! What next!?We all know these feelings from frustrations of dealing with a fragile material world. Days like these happen to all of us. Neither meditation nor positive thinking seems to work on bad biorhythm or out-of-sort star days. All we can do is adjust our response to them.Whether or not biorhythms, astrology, numerology, karma, or a deity...
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Posted: April 4, 2011
At some point in time there is the completion date of life that is labeled as death. For those that have a belief system that life is eternal, then the body dies but the soul moves on. For those that believe is Karma, Lessons and Reincarnation, the soul has other opportunities to live again. Some believe that death is the end of the road. Regardless of your belief systems, is the grieving, the sadness and the loss for the family and friends who are 'left' behind. The death can be devastating. Even if the death is expected, it is never easy to accept that the person is gone, especially if the person is loved very much...
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Posted: March 31, 2011
About half a dozen years ago or so, I was reclining on the couch in my livingroom. While fully conscious and awake, suddenly, in a swooping sensation I was outside my picture window. While outside I noticed that a dusting of snow was on the grass and sidewalk. No sooner was I outside than I swooped back into my body fully consciousness.I went outside to see if it was snowing. It was not.Two weeks later I awoke to a light snow on the ground. It was exactly as I had seen it two weeks earlier during my spontaneous conscious excursion.From that, I surmised that future-time reflects in the distance we are from our bodies. The ten or twelve-foot outing that I took seemed to equal two weeks in the future.This led me to suspect time-travel concerns dimensional...
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Posted: March 30, 2011
Warming up before a yoga session is as important as the warm up before any physical activity - I created this short video clip for you with my Royal Yoga Yoginis. We are demonstrating Angel's breath, Robin's Breath, Kundalini circles and Stirring the Corn.All of us are also wearing OmShanti Yoga Wear, so as an extra bonus you can watch our fabulously comfy all organic (bamboo/cotton/soy) yoga wear in
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Posted: March 16, 2011
Reclined Hero's Pose (Supta Virasana) -
one of a series of restorative poses
Stretches the abdomen, thighs and deep hip flexors (psoas), knees, and ankles
Strengthens the arches
Relieves tired legs
Improves digestion
Helps relieves the symptoms of menstrual pain

Contraindications and Cautions
If you have any serious back, knee, or ankle problems, avoid this pose unless you have the assistance of an experienced instructor. ...
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Posted: March 10, 2011
Have you ever been so happy about something that you couldn't sit still? Or, so joyous that you sang out loud before remembering there were other people around? I'm sure it's happened to ea...
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Posted: March 3, 2011
I thought the movie title was, 'What About Charlie?' I was going to have a clever title of, 'So, What About Charlie?' I didn't want the title, 'The Truth About Charlie' as that may be elusive for this fella. Dare I venture and risk judgment as one of the 'stupid' and other derogatory names he used to describe the mere masses he seems to hold in contempt? Yet, he could not stand judgment from anyone. His defensiveness may have been to deflect well-deserved criticism. Well, to quote the old StarKist tuna commercial, 'Sorry, Charlie.'Let's get to the point and put his numbers out there. His entire birth date of 09/03/1965 gives him a Super-Conscious Life Path of Six (6). His Subconscious Attraction from his day of birth is Three (3). Mr. Sheen's subordinate Conscious Name Direction ...
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