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Posted: December 18, 2011
If Thanksgiving is about gratitude, Christmas is about giving—and receiving. We give to get something in return even if it is a thanks from recognition of having given. We give in turn to say, 'Thank you for your kindness.' Sometimes giving is from gratitude that we have more than others. So, volunteer at soup kitchens, give old clothes to thrift stores, or drop change into Salvation Army buckets. Sometimes we give simply for the sake of it to say, 'I'm thinking of you. You have a special place in my heart.' Those are the most wonderful gifts to give and receive.When giving d...
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Posted: December 15, 2011
Can you believe it's December 15th already? Looking back on 2011 -- which has been a 7 Personal Year for me -- I'm reminded of a couple lines from my personal Numerology report which read:

'This is a year for inner growth. It is your spiritual and mental presence that requires attention. Improve the quality of your life -- read, contemplate and gain insight in yourself.'


'Too much concern and desire for material rewards will turn this period of your life into a very bad experience indeed, while a 'Let go and let God ' attitude will make this such a fruitful and pleasant year that you may find yourself wonderin...
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Posted: December 6, 2011
I want to wish a very Happy Birthday to Byron Katie, one of my favorite people alive on this planet today!

Byron Katie is an American speaker and author who teaches a profound method of self-inquiry known as 'The Work of Byron Katie' or simply 'The Work.'Born on Dec. 6, 1942 as Byron Kathleen Reid, she is on a 16/7 Life Path, one of the most challenging and potentially rewarding life paths imaginable.

I first met 'Katie' (as we call her) over 12 years ago and had the delightful privilege of being a guest in her home on two occasions. She is an amazing example of a 16/7 Life Path well-lived and it gives me great pleasure to honor her today....
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Posted: November 23, 2011
It's the day before Thanksgiving 2011. The weather is more like Spring than November, mild, sunny, calm. A perfect day for a hike.

Along the edge of a forest, crossing a stream, up the hill I go. The air is warm and fragrant with the scent of ponderosa pine. There is no wind, no sound, perfect quietude except the crunching gravel underneath my hiking boots. The silence around me is so profound, almost sacred, that even my footsteps seem to disturb this moment for me. After about a mile or so I step off the path and climb up a steep grassy hill. Big granite boulders are strewn across the slope. Meandering higher and higher the distant snowcapped mountains reveal themselves to me and the more I climb the more...
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Posted: November 16, 2011
I wrote this maxim more than two decades ago that says, 'Joy, we must look for, misery will find us.' Well, maybe not always.Decades ago, when I was in acting school, an assignment for the following week was to express joy. I had no problem with the other emotions we were to emulate. Yet, I had no idea what joy felt like. While walking down Highland, passing Hollywood Boulevard, just past where I worked at Max Factor, suddenly, what I could only describe as joy seized me. A better description is that it passed through me. Wow! Is that what joy feels like?!At the time, I had no idea what was the modus operandi of suddenly experiencing joy. Now, of course, I know. It was the same as when suddenly I began crying and stopped just as quickly without any reason for...
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Posted: November 14, 2011
That move us along aren't always gentle.Life Paths aren't limited to numerology definitions. If reincarnation is reality then our existence ebbs and flows like the sea to the shore. It moves throughout the Universe and is not limited to this dimensional space. Why we exist and what is our purpose are good questions that multitudes have asked over aeons.Some think we are to serve a god or higher power. If meaning that we are to learn goodness, nothing can be wrong with that. Genuflecting for favors, however, seems like bargaining with our souls. Also, if we exist merely to accumulate wealth, we may very well limit our existence to this earth plane. Would the Universe have long-term use for those with this limited self-serving mentality?Apart from numerology Life Path...
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Posted: October 31, 2011
Being broken doesn't always mean that we are the victims of others. It may mean that we have victimized others, so broke ourselves when doing so. The philosophy that says when we hurt others, we only hurt ourselves has validity when realizing the tangible process. When we come to terms with hurting others and are truly remorseful we make up for it in many ways.When the first Cave Man clobbered the first Cave Woman over the head and dragged her into the cave, he erred against her. He may have only thought he was being clever to get what he wanted, but did that really make a difference to her? She may have held him accountable for her headache and abuse. When Roman soldiers raped and pillaged, they may have told themselves that they were only following orders, but did the victims c...
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Posted: October 19, 2011
That's a question we will all face sooner or later. Perhaps, though not always possible, being sooner is better.Dogma walks on a tight leash and has no tolerance for straying. Burning, beheading, battering behaviors are all consequences embedded into subconscious minds from eons of past lives to remind Seekers not to do so. Not only the Punished, but the Perpetrators live among us. Some extract pleasure from their beliefs as it is my contention that some sociopaths use religion to justify their own demented desires by torturing those they consider heretics. Some use and have used religion to control others. They are impotent to the winds of change, feeling securer when oppressing others by their beliefs whether true or not. Some people will lie to themselves and others to ...
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Posted: October 16, 2011
Why are we holding back? Is it because we are afraid of failure or rejection? Fear of our own possible success? Because we may feel unworthy? Is it the 'Cinderella complex'? Well, it's time for Cinderella to crawl out of the ashes and SHINE.Who am I to dream of success? Were you raised to just be average? Who told you to not stand out? Many of these limiting beliefs are deeply rooted in us as they were instilled during our childhood by family, society, friends. What if we let go of the fear of failure, rejection or the jealousy of others? What if the outcome of your endeavor doesn't even matter? What if the journey matters, the attempt to be the best you can be, just for yourself not anyone else? Would you become the f...
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