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Posted: June 17, 2012
Eagle, Tz'kin, Men. Direction = Blue/WestThe day sign Eagle is a very powerful one to the Maya, as well as many other indigenous traditions. The Eagle is an escapist. They like to soar above and way from much of humanity. That is why they have a connection to the West. They are often in tune with what many others cannot see or know. It is not uncommon for Eagle people to be though of as advisors for their quest for truth and knowledge is often a life long pursuit.The Eagle has a unique presence that can be dramatic and other worldly. Even though...
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Posted: May 23, 2012
Offering, Toj, Muluc. Direction = Red/ East.The day sign of Offering has also been called Incense by some sects of the Maya. It is the incense that is burned by the fire of the East to bring about an offering. This day sign relates to the ceremonial aspect of life. It is only natural that Offering people are inclined to be performers or in some way up in front of the public. Offering people often carry the shame and trauma of the community. They are very charismatic, sexual and have very fiery emotions. Their extreme sensitivity can be a cause of their emotional flair ups. They take ev...
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Posted: May 11, 2012
Wisdom, Ajmak,Cib. Direction = Yellow/SouthThe primary function of this day sign, which is ruled by the southern direction, is to be a cleanser and purifier of itself and of the world. This cleansing ability that Wisdom has is necessary as part of the cycle of rebirth. Both themes, death and rebirth, are very strong within the Wisdom psyche. Wisdom, or as some Maya call this sign, Vulture, frees the world of decay. This allows new growth to come into the world. Wisdom is concerned with material cleansing and therefore is concerned with cleansing the body physically and emotion...
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Posted: May 6, 2012
A Shift in the Heart, Clarity in the Mind, and Freedom of the Soul.In less than two weeks, my life will take a 90 degree turn. It is coming... my future that is. My home is within my heart. The world shall become my residence. 2011 played a significant role in the seeming upheaval, reorder, restructure, and the refocus of my life.For 22 years, I spent my time happily defining myself by the love relationships in my life. But that all changed last year. 2011 was also a very significant year for me because I published my first book, Rediscovering Your Divine Music. With my focus shifted toward a life of loving myself, and the book ...
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Posted: April 28, 2012
Night, Aq'ab'al, Akbal direction = Blue/West This day sign represents the time of transition between day and night, dawn and dusk. It is at this time, according to many spiritual traditions, that the earth is most powerful. It is a time for magic. Most Mayan ceremonies, including the ceremony to welcome each new Mayan week, take place at dawn. That is why the day sign of Night is capable of communication with spirits and the underworld. Day sign Night is governed or influenced by the direction of the West. The West is the realm of the sub conscious, or to ...
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Posted: April 17, 2012
Excerpt from 'How to touch a Monk - Finding our Sacred Space within' By SOPHIA S. PAUL, ND, Cert. Yoga Instructor, AuthorHow many times have you had to start over and really didn't want to? How many times did you not have another option or choice? How many times, a long time after whatever the event was did you realize that this once so d...
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Posted: March 7, 2012
Monkey, Batz, Chuen. Direction = Blue/WestAs the opposite of the day sign Dog, that is easy going and calm, the day sign of Monkey is very active, quick witted and lively. Monkey people like to bounce from one situation to another, like a monkey that likes to swing from tree to tree. You could say that they are Mercurial in nature. They get bored doing the same thing all the time, so they need a great deal of variety in life to be in balance. They learn new things easily and will become frustrated with people in their lives that do not adapt to their constant flow of new ideas and act...
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Posted: February 23, 2012
Flint, Tijax, Etznab. Direction = White/NorthDuring the time of the ancient Maya, the Flint was used for many purposes. It was a finely carved instrument that was used to kill sacrificial victims and remove their beating hearts during ceremony. That is why this day sign has been associated with sacrifice. The Flint knife was used by the commoner and the priest alike to perform various types of blood sacrifice rituals. Therefore,...
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Posted: February 22, 2012
Yoga is not just about being able to put your foot behind your ear, although the physical aspect of flexibility is important-just recently I fell off the kitchen counter onto the tile floor, and my flexibility, strength and quick reaction probably saved me from a broken hip. But there is so much more to yoga than just the poses that we all know and see.
The most important part of yoga is to learn the ability to stay centered and focused-no matter what-to allow our minds to remain calm and at peace in the midst of tumult, chaos and challenges. Being connected to our body and mind through the breath is one of the greatest gifts we can give to ourselves.

Yoga is a lifestyle; not just an...
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