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The Twelve Houses Defined

Since the circle of the chart represents the Whole Person, you can think of each house as representative of the facets of the personality and self-expression. While each house stands on its own to some extent, the houses also have particular themes that work together.

Houses are divided into three different categories. Let's start at the points on the wheel that define the four 90-degree angles. These are the Angular Houses - 1st 4th, 7th & 10th - and these are aspects of yourself where you can be more strongly expressive. Planets in these houses are more easily recognized by others or may be expressed in a more physical manner. Succedent Houses - 2nd, 5th, 8th & 11th - represent more sensitive aspects of your life. Planets placed in succedent houses are likely to trigger a more passionate charge. Cadent Houses - 3rd, 6th, 9th and 12th - represent areas where you may feel less forceful. Planets in cadent houses may operate on a more mental or detached level.

Each House has its function and outstanding features:

First House
This sector represents your personal expression, and can offer insights into your physical appearance, manner of dress and basic personality traits. Your overall physical vitality is also expressed through this house. Your attitudes toward others and toward life are projected through this part of your personality.

Second House
Your Self-worth, values, personal resources, and how you handle your material resources are illustrated by this house. Your spending habits and your approach to money and finance can also be shown by this area of your chart. All manner of resources acquired or earned can be included, whether possessions, money or other acquisitions. By the way, time is also a resource!

Third House
This house represents everyday experiences, and is associated with communication, short travels, general education, writing and mental interests. Your approach to learning and the way you network with others is represented by this House. Additionally, this house represents siblings, neighbors and acquaintances.

Fourth House
Fourth House is your home, and represents what you seek to feel personally secure and safe. Your roots and the traditions that bind your family are here, and your father is represented by this part of your chart. Your home, land holdings and feeling of completion are shown in this part of the chart.

Fifth House
This house represents your needs to express love and creativity, and it is related to love affairs, matters of the heart, children and play. Your 'inner child' emerges here. This area also extends to speculative interests (including gambling), and shows your approach to taking on the role of entertainer, or how you like to be entertained.

Sixth House
This is where you discover how to handle everyday tasks. Your sense of duty is expressed in this part of your chart, also called the 'house of service.' Work, work environment and those who work under your supervision relate to this house. This area also signifies your general physical health and your body's ability to adapt to change.


Seventh House
Partnerships, marriage, social relationships and open enemies or competitors are related to this house. Here you also find clues about your 'inner partner,' and the aspects of yourself that you tend to project onto others. The focus of the chart to a more outward expression begins in this house. The 7th House also deals with contractual agreements.

Eighth House
This is the house of transformation, personal alchemy, and relates to sexuality, deep emotional attachments, your partner's resources and inheritance and legacies. Investors, taxes and insurance are connected to this house. The process of death and regeneration occurs in this area, which also is related to the occult, or unseen, forces and interests.

Ninth House
Your mentors and inspirational teachers are connected to this house - which rules abstract thought, higher education, cultural exchange, philosophy, religious and spiritual pursuits and travel. Publishing and legal affairs, as well as the courts are expressed through this house. Relationships with in-laws are 9th House.

Tenth House
This is the most elevated house in your chart, and shows your most public persona, status, fame or notoriety and reputation. Ultimately, this part of your chart symbolizes your Life Path. Your career is expressed through 10th House activities, which also shows your relationship with your mother, authority figures and employers.

Eleventh House
What do you hope to accomplish? This house represents your goals, hopes, and wishes for the future. This house rules those relationships without boundaries -- like friendship - and illustrates the way you receive love and support from others. Clubs, organizations, special interests and political activities are related to the 11th House. Your satisfaction with your career is expressed here.

Twelfth House
This is where you dream and connect to your imagination. Also known as the house of 'hidden enemies and self-undoing', this segment of your chart shows where you will tend to fall into denial. Secrets, addictions, and confinement are related to this area, along with institutions and activities that occur behind the scenes. This is where you connect to your inner self, and shows your sense of the mystical.

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