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By Divine Harmony
Divine HarmonyNEW MOON IN LEO- 8/6/13

The new moon in Leo is exact on Tuesday, august 6th at 2:51pm PDT- commencing a new lunar cycle. As I write we are in the dark moon vibes- a time to release, renew, introspect, and reflect. It's typically not a time of DOING, but of BEING and especially of releasing/sloughing off so that we are cleansed and have created space for the new that will come in with the next new moon.

With the new moon in fiery, creative and passionate Leo part of what we are supported in commencing, planting seeds and/or setting intentions about has to do with our self-expression, personal creativity, uniqueness, originality and our Divine Spark of Self and it's illuminated path. The Highest expression of Leo is a great leader, creator, hero or king/queen energy who is magnanimous, generous and genuinely wanting to help and lead others. The shadow side is narcissism, entitlement and an inability to allow others to lead or shine. Navigating our relationship to sun/sun energy can be a focus at this new moon in royal Leo for sure!

This new moon is conjunct two asteroid Goddess and opposite another one- bringing in a lot of Divine Feminine expression into the royal, yang, masculine Leo new moon chart. Vesta- the Goddess of hearth and home, Ceres- the Great Mother Goddess, and Juno- the Goddess of partnership, marriage and commitment are all involved- with Vesta and Ceres conjunct the new moon and Juno opposite it. Questions of our relationship to the feminine in our lives- with ourselves, with women around us, with our mothers and with the Archetypal Mother can be a focus right now. The polarity between our commitments to our goals/path (Vesta) and our home/family (Ceres) can feel like they are odds with commitments to others and where we make compromises to meet others halfway. Leo is a sign that is usually focused on the self- yet all these asteroid Goddesses bring in energies that are other-focused. How do we find this balance in our lives? Or if we don't find that balance- what can we do to work to make it a reality?

This lunation is also square the nodal axis of the moon, bringing in our evolutionary future and path of growth and destiny (north node) and our karmic past and where we keep playing out old patterns and getting stuck (the south node). With the sun/moon conjunction square the nodes we can find ourselves at a pivotal point along our journey where we are being asked to navigate a new path and move into expressions of being/behavior that is foreign to us. The old ways of being and doing feel much more familiar and comfortable, but if they limit us and hold us back then it's time to do something differently. Paying attention to the old ties that bind and seeing if they really are something we want to be yoked to is key right now!

This lunation is also trine Uranus in Aries, bringing in more fire, spontaneity and fun into the new moon energies! This can illuminating, liberating and freeing! Seeing where we need to LET GO so that we can GROW is supported right now. Yet part of the letting go may be to things that bring us a sense of comfort, safety and security. Cutting the proverbial umbilical cord is a necessity for all of us in our lives somewhere right now- be it in regards to relationships, finances, family, career, etc… for each of us it is different- but in some area of life we are being pushed to our edge. It is up to us to jump or stay fearful, clinging to the past.

This lunation also forms a Yod or finger of God/Goddess! This powerful aspect focused its energy in a very intense fashion. The harmonious aspect between Pluto in Capricorn and Chiron in Pisces is one of deep psychological healing, catharsis and evolution. This is a GREAT energy for therapy, shamanistic journeys, and insight into one's Soul. These two planets make tense aspects to the new moon- which is where the finger of God/Goddess is pointing. The Divine energies of transformation, healing, awareness and consciousness are intensely focused on our ego selves (new moon in Leo). The ego sees only a fraction of reality- as so much of what is really going on lies beneath the surface of the ego's awareness. Opportunities to see beyond the surface to the Soul and Spirit that lie beneath are supported at this new moon! This can be a time of great awakening and healing- or it can be a bold shock to our system as we are forced to see ourselves and our shadows in a new Light. Either way it's not for the faint of heart- as it is deep, penetrating and cathartic.

There are other potent things playing out in this new moon chart- for one Jupiter in cancer is heading into his opposition with retrograde Pluto in Capricorn (exact the day after the new moon) commencing Jupiter's activation of the Uranus/Pluto square that lasts all month long. Jupiter is conjunct true and means black moon Lilith and asteroid Lilith (all 3 are at 6 or 7 degrees of cancer) and this Dark Goddess concoction is opposite dark moon Lilith at 6 Capricorn. This is a lot of Dark Goddess energy that is super focused and tight in its aspect configuration. The gifts of the Dark Goddess are of magic, mystery, alchemy, healing and psychic ability. She is able to see into and beyond the shadows- like the owl that is one of her totems. She is fierce, powerful and intense- and she is connected to her embodied experience, her sexuality and her sovereignty. She is also a force to be reckoned with- and if there is any shadow shit playing out you better be prepared for her to shine a Light on it. Having her so focused and potent in the new moon chart, during a month where we have some of the most intense and potent astrology of the year (Jupiter triggers the Uranus/Pluto square all month long and at the end of august a Grand Cross is formed with Venus, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto) really brings in the Dark Goddess energies in palpable and potent ways. The wild, unbound, chaotic Dark Goddess is like a tempest- she shakes things up to wake things up! We can either move with her gale force and become agents of intensity and transformation in our personal and collective lives- or we can be taken along with her, typically in a more intense and upsetting fashion. Paying close attention to those shadow aspects of life coming up for you this month is highly recommended as the sooner we see our shit and deal with it the better- personally and collectively.

Last but not least, right after the new moon is exact the moon goes void of course (meaning the moon makes no aspects) until she moves into Virgo on Wednesday the 7th at 8:57pm. This 18 hour moon void is typically a time of not doing anything but of just being. Yet new moons are typically times to take action. What to do? Well it's all about a balance- seeing where we need to act/create/move out into the world and also where we need to surrender/let go/trust and just be. I recommend setting your intentions on Monday/Tuesday but waiting until after the moon void to implement them. During that potent moon void time pay attention to dreams, intuition and psychic impressions- as other information can come in that may alter your direction or path in ways you least suspect!

Lunar blessings to you all…

~Divine Harmony

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