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Divine Harmony's focus in an astrology reading is on the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual experience of life. Of particular interest to Divine Harmony is the unconscious and shadow aspects of Self, the balance of masculine and feminine within, the personality and soul integration, the experience of the parents or primary caregivers and its impact on the psyche, and the learning experiences that can be had via relationships and recognizing others as our mirrors- all of which can be seen in the chart.

Divine Harmony's background in depth psychology and spirituality informs the way she sees the chart, and her doctorate work, intellectual and scholastic aptitude support her ability to communicate what she sees in a clear, concise way that blends intuition with intellect. There are a variety of options available for readings:


This In-Depth Natal Chart involves looking at psychological themes in the chart including the unconscious, the shadow, the balance of feminine and masculine within, and relationship dynamics, as well as more spiritual/esoteric themes such as the soul's Mission and past incarnations. Divine Harmony looks at both the typical placements (luminaries, planets, angles) as well as more obscure placements (asteroids, transneptunians, the four liliths, other little known bodies). She looks at the chart from both the soul and the personality perspective.

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1 hour 45 min. In-Depth Natal Chart Reading
including current transits.
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Divine Harmony's In-Depth Compatibility Readings shed insight into a relationship between two people (romantic, familial, friendship, etc...). This Reading is similar to the Natal Chart Reading in terms of what is looked at and discussed. (See In-Depth Natal Chart) It includes an overview of two birth charts to look at as well as a composite chart.

1 1/2 In-Depth Compatibility Reading.Our Price: $333.00Add To Cart

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*Private Consultations are recorded and provided as downloadable MP3 audio files as a courtesy. Enjoy revisiting your session with Divine Harmony by saving your consultation to your computer, iPod, or cell phone!

Client acknowledges that Divine Harmony and Token Rock Inc. are not responsible for failure or inability to provide recordings of sessions in the event of equipment failure or any other reason. 

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