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Wordology is Your Biology!

Believe it or not, every word that has ever been said to you, and any words that you have used in your lifetime, are embedded in your body. Your memory banks begin to store this information as you are developing in the womb.

Think about all the words you speak on a daily basis. How do these words affect your life? How do the words you speak affect your relationships, your family, your friends, your co-workers, and even strangers?

Everything about you is an expression of your consciousness and your energy field. Therefore your words are an expressive form of your energy. Your words are the physical expression of your consciousness into manifestation. You create your reality. So begin by taking an inventory of the words that you use everyday.

Do your words inspire and uplift you. Do they support and enhance your creative abilities? Are they positive, productive, and affirming to your life? Or are they based on belief systems or ideas that are negative and depressive. As an exercise write down words that support you and the words that do not. Then feel in your body where your body is affected by the vibration and frequency of the words. For instance, if your body is affect in your chest, then for sure it is a Heart Chakra issue. What physical and emotional issues have resulted? Remember, every area of body stores the consciousness of language.

Your words are the molecules of your frequency and vibration. Your words are the sounds and resonance of your consciousness. Every word or group of words, which you express are the molecules of your combined energy and consciousness that create your reality. How wondrous is that! But on the other side of the Wordology that might not be so wondrous, be clear about what you say, especially about yourself.

Everything about your words, your ideas, your thoughts, your belief systems, and your views are simply the forms of the energy of your consciousness, whether they are being said from your unconsciousness or consciousness. Being conscious is the key!

Therefore, you set the consciousness of your words into motion and into manifestation through the use of your energy. If your words are negative, the reality that you create for your life becomes unproductive and fearful. Your energy gets drained. When your thoughts or ideas are positive, your energy is productive, uplifting and energizing. This is the way your consciousness and your energy partner with you to create and manifest your life.

As an exercise, write down the words you use when you think or speak about yourself. Are they positive, affirming, supportive? Or are words negative, and do they drain your energy? When you say the words out loud, how do the words affect you emotionally and physically? Where do you feel them in your body? How do the words you speak make you feel?

Remember everything you say has an impact on your life as well on having a impact on others. We imprint each other every day by the words we use. The more you become aware of your words, the more pro-active your life becomes. Speak from your heart. You will feel the difference in your body. Speak from your heart and your life becomes heart filled. Speak from your heart and your body heals naturally. Speak from your heart and you become more centered and balanced.

Speak from your heart and you become healthier. Speak from your ego and you create more challenges in your life.

So… be aware before your speak! Remember, no matter what you say, you are always speaking to yourself first about yourself and your words indicate exactly where you are…and whether you are conscious or not!

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