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Wisdom, The Ultimate Diploma

Learning not to pass judgement isn't taught by academia. Rather, it comes with wisdom, and wisdom is only gained through experiences that cause one to reflect upon their own lives. Wisdom comes from going through trials in our own lives and seeing that we, too, conduct ourselves at times in ways that, looking back, might not have been with the best of intent. Our beliefs evolve over time. No one is on the same path as we are. Yet, at times we can see similarities in places someone else currently walks to where we may have stepped along our own path.

At times, we think because someone is in a place in life we may have been once in our lives, that we have the right to tell them what to do and how to handle it. The truth is, we do have a right to share our wisdom. However, we don't have a right to enforce or push our beliefs onto them. They absolutely must learn on their own and gain their own wisdom. Yet, when they don't end up listening to what we tell them to do, then the cruel byproduct of an unattended ego rears its ugly head and we generally pass judgement. So, rather than simply supporting them in their evolution of existence, we actually end up hurting them. Why? A variety of reasons, I presume, but mostly it is due to the backlash of a hurt ego. We've all done it. We all continue to do it. All we can do is work on doing it less and less.


So, what can we do instead of passing judgement? In my own life I have formulated three tools to help curb the ego's hurtful ways. These tools are Forgiveness, Release and ultimately Love. This three-step process positions us to be able to not only be more open to help and support others, but gain wisdom like nuggets of gold sifted from the sandy bottom of the river of life. I would like to share these tools with you. Maybe they will help you in some way along your own path.


When situations arise that bring out the ego's hurtful ways, as quickly as possible we must realize that we may have acted in a way that is less than desirable. We must then forgive ourselves for that action. Then, we must realize that those around us are simply reflections of ourselves and the relationship we have with one another is to simply support the evolution of wisdom. We must realize that, as reflections of ourselves, forgiving them is a part of the process of forgiving ourselves. To eventually be in a position to utilize release and love, we must first be open to letting go of what happened, and eventually see them and ourselves as equally loving divine beings. So, if you think this could work for you, start by forgiving yourself, the situation, and anyone else that was involved. Doing so may quite possibly allow a release.


All too often we hold on to the residual anguish associated with a situation. All we are really doing by maintaining such a grip is prolonging the process that is natural to our evolution toward wisdom. Anguish leads to stress. Stress leads to physical manifestations in the form of disease and other ailments that shorten our life spans. Think of it this way. We are hear to gain wisdom, and generally, wisdom is something that comes with age. Many of us are too busy in the early parts of our lives to care about wisdom. It is later in life, as we are given lessons that afford us opportunities to experience the many variables of life, that we finally become aware and open to the value of wisdom. Ever notice how many elderly individuals just smiles at you in observance when you are in the midst of a particular action? They're likely simply tapping into wisdom. They know they have been there before, themselves. They know that when you are ready, you will be open to gaining your own wisdom from such experiences. They know that if you are ready to gain wisdom from dialog with them, you will ask and only when you ask will they share their wisdom. They have already learned to let go of the ego's low vibratory frequency because, through experiences they've had to make a comparison, they simply prefer a higher, happier, more content vibration. Every trigger to speak out or push their ideals has been evaporated through a process in the mind as a result of wisdom. So, let it go. Let it all go as swiftly as possible.


We are all perfect and divine. We can do no wrong. A large percentage of the population on the planet would beg to differ with my philosophy on this matter. Religious and judiciary organizations do not teach such considerations for one reason or another (the reasons are of no concern). We must learn that suffering isn't something that is imposed on us in the afterlife for doing wrong. The Divine I believe in loves me because I am a reflection of divinity. Truly unconditionally loving me, I don't believe the Divine would ever judge me. Divinity is the ultimate wisdom and the ego has no home where wisdom has proliferated and is mastered. Suffering is imposed right here, right now, by ourselves, and upon ourselves. This is the only hell that exists to me. I bet many would agree that the suffering we impose upon ourselves is likely worse than the fictitious depiction of hell that has been illustrated. So, love, because it's all that matters in the end. Being loving all the time comes only from gaining ultimate wisdom. Until then, love as often as possible.

Only when the pathfinder is summonsed will the pathfinder reveal themselves (used deliberately). This is the mantra for the Journeyman. Finding our way through the thickets of life comes easier to those who truly value wisdom. Wisdom isn't exclusive to those who value it, it is just less difficult of an experience gaining it. There is no better way or right way. It all just depends on what and how much of it you wish to experience in this lifetime.

So, the next time you are thinking you know someone and their situation, and you are considering passing judgement on them, maybe try turning inward and taking a look at yourself. Recognize this may be a lesson tailored just for you. Though it may seem that the situation is about 'them', it's likely not. Stop and tap into the wisdom you have gained for reference rather than academic intelligence. The Journeyman knows and understands that our existence is only perceived. To know ourselves we must interpret ourselves through the reflection of others. Support your fellow traveler to find a path to happiness but don't push your ideals on them. Share what you have to share and allow them to walk their own path. Their choices, seemingly right or wrong in your eyes, are theirs to make. You don't have to agree with them, but try to respect them as their own. Continue loving them.

Forgiveness, release and love. Practice makes your actions as divine as you truly are.

If you would like to know more about these tools, I have written a book that discusses these and other philosophies called Rediscovering Your Divine Music - Finding Harmony and Balance Through Inner Peace. I have also formulated an associated self-guided course called 28 Ways to Rediscover Your Divine Music. The two publications are an excellent guide for centering your life with the use of these tools. 'Music' in the book refers to our divine 432 Hz vibration and frequency. If what I have written in this article resonates with you in some way, maybe check them out at - Many Blessings~ Scott

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