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What is Consciousness in Reality?

Reality is all things. It is physical and spiritual, it is the embodiment of everything known and not yet realized. It is occurring in the NOW, future, past, and present simultaneously. It is the consciousness and the unconsciousness. Your experience is your reality. It is a reality created by self.

Most live in the reality where things just happen. We "think" we have no control over our experiences. We are beings living in someone else's non-practical belief systems. A good friend of mine describes it best... What is the first letter of the word BELIEF? What is the first letter of the word SYSTEM? B.S. We have chosen to live within boxes and boxes of B.S. How limiting is this and the creation of our reality? Take the time to look at all your own beliefs and see if they truly serve you. It is all about becoming conscious and becoming conscious creators of your own reality.

Do you have first hand knowledge and experience of everything in which you hold true? Probably not! Search for the origin of these beliefs you have. You will come to realize that the majority of the beliefs we hold as our own are passed down from our parents, friends, religious affiliation, government, etc... We latched onto these beliefs because that is what we are taught to do.

There are infinite realities beyond our awareness and comprehension. We all have the ability to experience everything and anything once we break out of the box. These boxes keep us in a place of fear based on judgment and lack. We are a society and collective consciousness that has become focused on the opinions and judgment of others. We have allowed others to dictate our lives and how we should live. Move beyond the all the B.S. fears and experience your own truths. Live and experience by your own facts. Give yourself the opportunity to make conscious choices and become a conscious creator. Discover self-empowerment. It's found from within.

Take the time to be conscious of how and what we tell our children is reality. Is it our belief systems being ingrained in their reality? They are born with limitless possibilities, let them discover their own truths and create their own reality.

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