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To Really Express

I find it such a turn off switch stepping into the grocery store in the end of December and seeing displays of Valentine's candy, gifts, and cards. It seems the only tradition left in America is the push for Americans to spend money at every turn in order to show outward expression of love or appreciation for another. They say that Valentines Day is a special day set aside to show your dearest love how much you care for them and appreciate the love they have for you. Let us consider for a moment that in order to love another human being, you must first love yourself. In order to love the reality in which we currently reside, you must first love yourself as an experience in that reality. Outward expression starts from the inside. Appreciation for others starts with appreciation for self. When considering how the law of attraction relates to relationships, we must consider first that we attract the experiences we do based on the expressions (the vibrations) that radiate from our core being. I have a friend who is currently quite frustrated with his love life. In his early 40's, he is tired of being alone and longs for a deeply loving relationship. From my perspective he is a great guy. He would give you the shirt off his back. He has a great sense of humor, is quite adventurous, and is in a place in his life where he desires real heart-felt experiences. I hear from him now and then. His typical experience shortly after meeting a girl is to get serious on the first date. Even before the first date he sets himself up for loss, stating, "if this one doesn't work out it is going to be a long time before I recover." He puts off a very particular vibration from his core being that seems to repel the potential relationship time and time again. Quite possibly, he attracts that experience to begin with! Before my friend will find that love in someone else, he must first turn inward. He must realize that to find someone that satisfies him, or is satisfied with him, he must first be satisfied with himself. Only then will he put off the energy in his life to attract what he is looking for. Some say that the only way we know we exist is by the reflection of self off of those around us. For instance, without language we could not communicate. Without communication we could not generate dialog that we can assess and evaluate to eventually sculpt our existence. This seems like a very outward way of looking at life, and I for one am not so convinced this is the case. However, if all things are one, then this concept does make some sense. I'm not so sure this concept is my reality, but I do know that the experience that relationships bring to our existence sounds much more appealing than being here without another entity to experience it with. So, what is it to really express love? I believe that the greatness of love lies within the notion that we are all things and to love self is to love all things.... but also, to love all things is to love self. Because again, you are all things. This Valentine's Day, consider expressing your love for yourself. Then, once you feel content with doing so, express love for all things that exist in your reality. Then, finally, express appreciation for being given an opportunity to experience this reality to begin with. Whether you are happy in your experience within this reality or not, you are here. That in itself is an amazing thing to consider. Regardless of what is going on in your life, appreciate it for what it is... an experience in this reality. Rest assured, if you have someone in your life that you consider to be extra special, they are there because you feel that way about yourself. That person sees in you what you see in you. If you have someone in your life you consider to be your partner and that person is not satisfactory to you, consider that this person is a reflection of you. It is you that is in need of your attention before you can correct your outward relationship woes. So, to truly express to your dearest (outward) love, give them a big hug. And, when doing so, believe from your deepest knowing that you are expressing love for yourself. If you do not have that special someone in your life, consider making that special someone YOU! I am of course not positive, but I am pretty sure that when you truly do, a reflection of self will appear before your outward looking eyes.
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