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The Power of Silence

Is there any power to being in a state of silence? A few years ago, I would have told you no! POSITIVELLY NO. But that was to change very quickly. I am a chatterbox by nature. I would get D's and F's in citizenship. That was a long time ago when they called it behavior citizenship. The low grades were because I always had something to say. Whether it was important or not, I could or would talk about it. I would put this off to the fact that I came from a large family, four brothers and one sister. So you had to be heard. That is why I always chattered. Or so I thought! However, about four years ago I decided to go on a Silent Retreat. It was in a beautiful setting, the foothills of the Berkshire Mountains. The retreat was for relaxation and renewal of your body and mind. My bags were packed and off I went. When I arrived, I was greeted warmly and assigned a private room. Little did I know, but everyone had a private room because they were serious about silence. We ate dinner on a warm summer evening and we chatted, shared stories just had a fun time. At the appointed hour, we were to go to our workshop to receive the details pertaining to the retreat. This is when I was hit by a thunderbolt. There was no, none, nada talking 24/7/. I was silent because I was dumbfounded. Surely, I thought, they do not really expect me to be quiet for an entire week. I did not know this until the next morning at breakfast. I sat with the same people I had such a good time with the night before but it was as if someone unplugged them. I sat down with my breakfast and said a normal sounding, "Hello". You'd think I had three heads. All they did was continue to eat and not even acknowledge me. I was stunned. I found it extremely difficult to be silent. I spoke to the director who informed me that most extroverts find this silence difficult because they are so busy chattering and not really saying much. The silence gets them to regroup their energy and look, really look at themselves. I did not last the week. I left three days before the conclusion. However, not all was lost. I went back the next summer and have returned now for four summers and I absolutely love the retreat. I discovered that in the silence my creativity is in high gear. My intuition is magnified and my state of mind and body are functioning at peak performance. I get so much in the way of inspiration that I write, I paint and whatever seems to draw me. I feel in the silence you can connect to the Universal energy that is available to everyone. By clearing your mind of the constant chatter, you are open to fill it with the power of the Universe (or whatever you feel you want to call this energy.) I suggest you try this one day at a time. Set aside a day. Disconnect all electronics: phones, TV's, radios, cell phones etc... In addition, anything that will distract you .You can even put a sign up stating, you are in silence from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. I promise you, that if you can do this you will be amazed at the power of your mind and body. It may not be tempting to you now, but just once, give it a try. Listen and watch what happens. And do me a favor, write me and let me know how it has transformed your life! I know, I honestly look forward to these retreats!! Peace and light Judith
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