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Scales of Adventure

I was asked the question, 'What does adventure mean to you?' Typically, I'd relate adventure to some form of travel or something more daring such as skydiving. I wanted to try to look at that question in a broader sense. I began to reflect on my life to see what I could associate as adventurous. What started to surface were the transitional points throughout my life. They were the conscious choices or not, that were life changing and ultimately so significant (unbeknownst to me at the time). Those turning points challenged me to take a whole new path, and upon those paths, entered into the unknown. I reference those times as being one aspect of adventure. Life is an adventure filled with uncertainties. Our own belief systems will sometimes force us to take on new adventures to teach us not to hold on to any one thing or idea too tightly! Of course, partaking in travel and interactions with other cultures lends itself to an ever changing and growing consciousness within that experience. This broadening of horizons could lead to a positive turning point in life itself. The expansion of knowledge and awareness is adventure. Be open to all possibilities that present themselves. You're on an adventure of a lifetime right this moment and maybe not even realizing it. What adventure will I create next for myself? Everyday continues to keep me on my feet. I never quite know what's coming next!
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