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Run With the Bulls and Learn to Live Your Ultimate Life!

I am afraid of all things that are Mother Nature…I skydive, BASE Jump, did professional snowboarding, had close calls with my parachute and landed 70 feet up in trees, jump off 80 foot cliffs into water, been lit on fire, done high falls into air mattresses, catapulted by air rams and many other fear based activities.

But…when it comes to Mother Nature I feel that I am no longer in control and this is where fear comes into play. Mother Nature leads to the fear of the unknown, fear of death, fear of not being successful…which I suppose could lead to serious injury or death. Mother Nature is always in control and many people tend to forget that. We are simply using her beautiful givings until one day she decides to back hand us across the planet in one fell swoop.
I love watching the Discovery Channel show, 'Deadliest Catch'. This show is nuts and there is a reason they get paid so much. With the possibility of death comes the possibility of money…but what really comes is the possibility to really live life. These guys understand that and feel the power of a successful journey out and back from what could have been their last trip.

The Running of the Bulls in Pamplona Spain is one such event that puts me in a space where fear/adrenaline runs through my body just reading information on the San Fermin Guide website. This event has it all and 'all' includes the possibility of death.

The event is amazingly just like life. You have the bad guys/circumstances (The Bulls). The good guys/events (The Runners). And the crowd/spectators (The outside people in your life watching you). Each factor is easily related to you, your life, where you have been, where you are going and the obstacles you face.

Let's break it down!

To Run or Not to Run!:
This is the biggest question that comes up time and time again in everyone's life. Do you decide to get in the game of life or stand on the sidelines? Getting in the game or deciding to run is a scary choice. Self babble enters into your brain immediately the moment you are faced with a decision to participate in anything. 'What if I get hurt, what if I lose the house, what if I fail, what if I die, what if people laugh at me, what if, what if and more what ifs.'
The people who face their fears, face their 'what ifs' head on. They decide to get into the game by deciding to run in this adventure of life and they are the only ones that can celebrate their victory at the end while the others simply smile and say…'That was amazing, but I could never do that!'

Yes I will run, but the gate holding the bulls is still shut!:
You have decided to run in this adventure of life, but you're not sure of the outcome. Your heart is beating; your breath is becoming short. You smile a little bit, but the inner fears deep inside you come out in that smile. You look to your companions that are just as excited, but just as scared.

The crowd is cheering, the energy is at an all time high. You realize at that very moment that you have only yourself to look into for support. You question…'What have I done?' Then, just as you have this very instance of self doubt, the second rocket goes off and the gates open to unleash the bulls…what will you do now?

Run…but run well!:

This is the most crucial part of the choice you have made. Energy, fear, doubt, excitement and passion are all apart of your emotions, but the only thing you can think of is the danger coming up quickly behind you. This is very much like life. You make a decision, you jump into the path of that decision and then it all starts to unfold at a lighting speed. Do you run left or run right? Do you speed up and plow straight ahead no matter what obstacles are in your way? Do you slow down and step off to the side and call it a day or do you stay in it because you're committed? Do you make decisions that you would normally not make, but smile at the surprising outcome?

When you are 'Running with the Bulls' or in the direct path of your life, things will happen fast and you will need to be quick, on your feet and sometimes make those decisions without fully understanding why you made those decisions. Most likely your success will be because you were shooting from the hip in a fast pace environment.

Close call:
You're running as fast as you can, the bulls/life events are coming up fast behind you and it looks like inevitable injury/failure/death. This is the most crucial point in anyone's life. Do you slow down and succumb to what you feel is inevitable or do you have an epiphany in that moment that changes the course for the rest of your life?

The most successful people are enlightened and the decisions are made subconsciously, pulling from all that you have created yourself to be up until that very moment. Successful people harness that fear and turn it around to great energy that lifts them up and beyond the current situation. They quickly turn right/make that important choice and….wham!…that bull slides into the wall and you are safe and running free again.

Cheering you on!:
The spectators in the crowd, up on the walls, the building decks and porches are cheering you every step of the way. They are the ones that are so excited for you to succeed, but also desire to see you fail. Strangely though…their inner desire is to have you gored by the bull, they want you to fail at your decision because it satisfies their feelings that they made the right choice to stay on the outside, stay in safety and not risk it all for the ultimate dream.

These are the people in your life that are friends and family members that do not want to see you get hurt, have your dreams dashed, or trampled. These are the outsiders in your life that even though you asked them multiple times to be apart of this journey, event, adventure with you…always say the same things.

'Maybe next year…I am not in the right shape for this…You were always better at this stuff than I was…I prefer the safety on the sidelines…' Yeah they sure got that right! They prefer staying on the sidelines of life for their own safety while the rest of the world rushes past them at great speed and excitement to celebrate at the end while the other's clean up the streets, close their porch doors and windows and go back to what their life has always been. They love to cheer, but they never get to taste the greatness of success.'

The Party is On!:
The run is over, the success is everywhere. There is some small discussion of the causalities along the route, but there are always casualties in life…you learn from these as best you can and then move forward…so the party goes on!

There are high fives, jubilation, and discussion of all the close calls and how you personally made it out with only minor bumps and bruises. There are the people who were injured, but vowed to run again because it is what makes them alive and what makes them who they are. There are the people that talk about it being their first run and how it made them feel something they have never felt before. Then there are those that have run multiple times and help give the new guys a taste of what doing this year after year can do for who you are as a human being. How their repeated adventures of getting in the game of life have led them to the top.

When you started the race you were all alone inside yourself with the only person to lean on being yourself. Now at the end everyone is there for you! You may have even found it surprising that along your journey someone came along to help you, pick you up, motivate you to run faster because they were running beside you. This comes of great joy as you realize that you are never alone at all times, but you are surrounded with all the solutions and people when you need them most.

The Journey Home:

As you sit on the plane or drive home in your car you reflect on the success you have made for yourself as you decided to stay off the sidelines of life and got into the game and path of true fear. You ran hard, had some stumbles, made some great friends and felt the joy of success. You lean back in your seat and smile. You know that you are alive and that you will run again in this adventure we call life…

These are all the pieces of the amazing puzzle of your adventurous life. Run with the Bulls and you may get gored, but run 'well' with the Bulls and you will triumph to celebrate your ultimate life.

special event

Premier Coaching Event - Running With The Bulls - Pamplona, Spain ~ July 6th -14th, 2010

Bull RunIf you are considering this event, but considering it as a life changing event, as experienced by the Coaching philosophies of Kenyon Salo…then you are deeply looking inside who you are and who you want to be. I applaud you for what has brought you here and your energy that will lead you to success.

I have decided to hold this event for a selected few number of spots. There is no other coaching event like this, and be prepared it will change your life forever.

I personally will coach you, run along side you and celebrate your successes with you! We will take this experience for what it is then learn from this event and lay the ground work for the rest of your journey in this adventurous life.

So the decision is now… Are you a runner or a spectator in this life?

Event details coming soon!

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