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Questioning Reality

The only truth that I'm coming to realize, whether it is a truth, is that my reality and experience is the only one that I can tangibly fathom as real. I cannot see, feel, hear, or taste from someone else's perspective. I can only make assumptions of their experiences based on my own experiences. This ultimately leads me to believe, I am the creator of my own reality, for I can see through my eyes only. I cannot without a doubt prove there is anyone or anything else within my existence. Could it be an illusion of some projected reality? If it is, it must be my own. What benefit would a creator of such programming receive from creating this game or experimental world if they could only sense through the eyes of ONE? I cannot prove anything outside of myself. I cannot prove without a doubt that my children or husband are truly here. Is everyone and everything created only for the purpose of experiencing relationships, lessons and learning? This brings up only more questions. For example: What are our dreams? Are they our assessment in time within the program to change or decide what we want to experience next? You can't help but start questioning the foundation of our ideas and beliefs. Where is their origination point? Are we just trying to out-create ourselves? As with any ideals and beliefs, the only truth is that which comforts us, and what we can experience as "real". Ultimately we must just enjoy the journey and what we have created for ourselves, knowing possibly, it is all an illusion. Live without fear! We have no one to answer to, but ourselves.
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