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Nutrition - Much More Than What We Eat

During the past few years, many of the advances in the medical world have been centered on the delivery of lower doses of medications over a longer period. Take "the patch" for instance, a slow dose of nicotine to help many individuals quit an unhealthy habit. Now even birth control can be applied in this same topical manner. Our skin is a vital part of the nutrition and overall wellbeing, of any individual. The skin, the body's largest organ, takes in up to 15% of the oxygen that we need daily. I believe that the sunscreens, soaps, lotions, makeup, balms, ointments, powders, oils, and other products, when applied to the skin, can directly influence our health and wellbeing. Nutrition is always considered as what we eat, I believe that proper nutrition should also take into account what we put onto our skin. Vitamins and minerals are known to be beneficial for everyone's health when taken internally, but what of topically? In research presented at the 2002 Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology, Duke University researcher Sheldon Pinnell and colleagues demonstrated that "appreciable photoprotection can be obtained from topical vitamins C and E." Further more, "Topical Vitamin C can prevent the consequences of prolonged sun exposure which can lead to skin cancer," says Karen E. Burke, MD. "Supplementation with natural Vitamin E in 400 mg per day has been noted to reduce photodamage, wrinkles and improve skin texture." Nutrition should also take into account the environments that we live in daily. Whether it is in a sterile hospital environment or a dry, fluorescent office building - our bodies crave good nutrition, clean air, and vital minerals. Take the time to consider your environment, the products used on your skin, and the food that you consume.
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