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Many Truths

During all of our lifetimes and for thousands of years before, wars have been fought defending our ideals. It has been, and continues to be a constant battle between what is truth and what is not, good vs. bad, right vs. wrong, and heaven vs. hell. We have all become so fixed in that which we believe. Judgment has become one of our daily practices, sometimes without even realizing it.

If these acts of judgment are all formed from our personal experiences and the societal norm in which we live, then what is to be said about those whose decisions are based on their own unique cultures, religious practices, and traditions that don't coincide with our own personal belief systems? Who's right and who's wrong? It is a constant struggle that we as humans experience called duality. The same thoughts and questions need to be applied to the thousands of religions and religious beliefs we find throughout our planet.

Is it not possible that every belief or religion has its own truth? A truth that is applied to each unique individual on their personal journey? The important part to observe is the grand message that rings true through all types of religion, not the specific rituals or practices. They all seemingly carry a similar message, and that is the personal search for God, Self, the Higher Power, Enlightenment, or whatever you choose to call it.

All of us are on a life journey of discovering ourselves and answering life's most trying questions of reality. Therefore without judgment, we should honor all searches for self. Embracing our diversity will lead us all to a better understanding of humanity and its experience here on earth. Learn to live in the balance of our universe in all aspects of life. For the shoes we wear are not the shoes of another.
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