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Life Unlimited - Step out of life's limitations

It was late. Having worked in the city for the afternoon and early evening, I found myself traveling home at dusk. The traffic had lightened up but the flashing tail lights of a long line of commuters still resembled that of a Las Vegas video poker hall. I found my mind wandering in and out of a wide range of thoughts into senseless oblivion. When was that home owners association bill due? When I refinanced that house did I include the property tax in the payment or was that a bill due next month? I wonder what the guy in the car beside me is listening to? He seems to really like the tune. I wonder how they make reflectors to work so well? Where are all these people going so late in the evening? Wonder where we're going for my birthday? When was the last time the oil was changed?

The top was down on the Jeep. The cool fall desert breeze trailed in and swirled around me with the occasional scent of catalytic converter odor from vehicles before me. The city lights were bright casting a pale glow overhead. Music pumped from the speakers of the Jeep playing out a variety of tunes from the satellite radio stations as I searched for a song that would satisfy me in the moment. The car jerked about as the traffic sped up and then slowed abruptly off and on.

As I exited the freeway and began maneuvering my way out of the neighborhoods and toward my rural home, I found much of the day's stress begin to fade away yet my thoughts still raced.

Passing through the last city stoplight on my journey and leaving behind the remaining string of city streetlights I discovered the brilliance of the night sky. Brightly twinkling stars revealed themselves overhead. As the city glow faded the stars shined brighter and brighter. With only a few miles remaining and travelers leaving me alone on the dark winding road I turned my head toward the sky. I was in awe.

As the jeep tires hummed along against the pavement I found the music that was satisfying to me in the previous experience was no more. I turned it off. It was very peaceful. I found myself wanting to stare into the dark sky exploring the millions of twinkling crystals. This, of course, was not an easy task while cruising along at 50 miles an hour. In this moment my thoughts turned from the random nonsense we all are so familiar with in our day to day lives to something much more simple--something much more appropriate. I turned to the simplicity of enjoying the stars.

The experience of traveling along at 50 in a convertible while trying to remain focused on stars straight overhead can be a daunting task. Strangely, it revealed to me a very simple but often overlooked concept for living life.

Life, for most, is almost always lived like driving a car and focusing on the road, other drivers, animals, children playing ball, traffic signals, and so on. We spend so much time focusing on so many unnecessary elements of daily societal life we often forget that we are a tiny spec within such vast source of energy. That we're a small component in a vast experience we call life, yet all part of the same whole.

Like driving, life's experiences are often an unnecessary stress. Like driving, we find ourselves focused on hundreds of little components rather than enjoying the experience even for a moment. Like driving, often the boredom leads to the blurring together of the continuous experiences to where we even fail to remember the overall experience we have been having. We have all done it before behind the wheel. Driving along and then noticing that you don't even remember how you got to the location you are at.

For many of us the experience of life passes us by in the same way.

As I looked to the sky I found myself releasing all thoughts - releasing all stresses of the day yet I realized I could not simply look to the sky and drive at the same time. Therefore, I found myself needing to glance down at the road every few seconds. It was a very revealing experience. One moment I was at peace. The next moment I was back in the driving game -- checking the speed, watching the signs, watching for wildlife, watching for hidden police officers. It was unsettling.

I found myself wanting to spend more time looking up at the sky and less time on the road but, I knew that wasn't possible if I wanted to remain safe. I began to ponder the idea of fear. Why was it that I was so concerned about glancing down at the road? Why was I so concerned about the possibility of veering off the road to my possible sudden death? And yet a better question, if I really wanted to gaze at the stars, why didn't I just pull over? It wasn't like I was pressed for time to get somewhere.

At a time in one's life when the process of connecting to inner-self, your spiritual self, begins to occur, the experience is much like the analogy of driving the car. We find ourselves spending more time in that realm of thought and it begins to 'interfere' with the daily life we have surrounded ourselves with until one day we experience a shift. Rather, our daily life begins to interfere with this new thought process of 'really living'. Once this shift takes place, we begin to see that we can no longer accept many of the components of the reality in which we have submersed ourselves. We begin to see that the structure of society we have selected to live within is no longer valid for us. Elements of control, judgment of self and others, being taught to cope with rather than release pains of the past, actually creating the reality we want rather than simply accepting the one we have, releasing fear and living free from it rather than living under its thumb, these and so many other aspects of society begin to create so many questions in our minds.

As time goes on and we begin to grow, these questions become more and more important to have answered. Why? Because they do not mesh with the true reality of why we are here. Yes, we are here to learn and we do so through experiences. These experiences tend to be both what we may categorize in our societal lives as 'good' or 'bad'. But the reality is the experience is neither good nor bad. It is just that, an experience. Once we have learned what we feel we must from such an experience, we learn we may simply choose to move on from it and are able to release it. As we grow, many of the elements of societal life tend to no longer jive with who we are in the moment. This, to me, is a sure sign of spiritual growth.

This growth is not always easy. In fact, others around you may not understand why you are no longer willing to accept their control, their judgment, their fear, their constant ramblings of past pain, their egocentric ways, their constant need for pity, co-dependency, lack of self discipline (or more appropriately lack of love for the self enough not to abuse it), their need to pass off responsibility for their own actions to another (taking them out of the drivers seat of their own life), and so many other tendencies of our society.

Once you begin to experience this you know you are on your way to living, really living life. To really live life you must focus on self. Society sees this as selfishness. I see this like so many of our respected pioneers of this way of life do, as 'self-ishness'. Centered on Self. Not self-centeredness. Only when we see life in this way can we really make strides with our growth. Only when we experience life in this way are we self-empowered. Only when you are self-empowered will you begin to create your life rather than your life being created for you. This is called by many authors, 'consciously creating'. Only when you are completely aware that you have the ability to create (as was discussed in my last article) will your life begin to adjust to what you desire. Don't fear self-ishness. Know that one who is centered on self realizes that to love others one must first love thyself. A master of the art of self understands that adverse actions toward another is simply acting adversely to thyself because all is one.

And without fear, you will realize that all things and everyone around you will adjust to the new you and as a result you and everyone around you will benefit. They may not see it this way to begin with, but eventually they will get it. Eventually they will see that you made these adjustments as improvements of you, expansions of yourself.

So, the next time you are driving along in stressful traffic or find yourself submersed in the intricacies of our daily societal life, stop and become aware of the matter. Assess the importance of the tasks at hand. Compare that to the real tasks you have put yourself in this experience for. Seize the moment and allow the profoundness of thought to shape the experience and help provide you focus on what is really important. For me, living life in this way is quite like driving my Jeep, it's Life 'Unlimited'.
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