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I'll Just Be

Thinking puts me in such a quandary. When one sits back and assesses their every day tasks it is easy to begin to wonder why we do the things we do. Then it is easy to slip into the typical evaluation of why we are here. This opens the door to contemplation that we are certainly not utilizing our time wisely in this reality to answer life's questions. When we start to look at the task of answering the questions we first consider the questions we have. There are likely many. We tend to assess the various belief systems of past and present and make determinations as to their validity. Sometimes we grasp onto a belief system for a while if it is one we are comfortable with. As time goes on we transition to another and another. Then, finally, we consider the possibility that belief systems do not serve us at all. Then, as irony has it, we come to understand that believing that belief systems exist or even the notion that we should not entertain belief systems at all is in itself a belief system. We come to understand that in our duality reality belief systems are unavoidable. Thinking that we can avoid believing in belief systems all together is just that... believing we can avoid. We start to evaluate terminology all together. Terms are words. Words have been seeping from the parched lips of humankind since our vocal cords have been able to vibrate. Or have they? We can't prove anything first hand that happened before we arrived here in our short life spans. Heck, we can't, beyond a reasonable doubt, even prove we were here yesterday or even just a few minutes ago for that matter. Nor can we prove we will be here tomorrow or 10 minutes from now. Frankly, why even entertain the issues if you don't feel like it. As time goes on, we arrive at a pivotal moment in our thought process. We realize that there may be no answers to the questions we seek and frankly making attempts to seek the answers may be contrary to the actual answer. This is my favorite moment in this process, because it releases us from a whole lot of stuff we really need not drag around. For me, all I am going to entertain is right now. Not yesterday and not tomorrow. This experience is certainly infinitely larger and smaller than we are. It may very well be unanswerable. Leaving this reality may mean nothing and it may mean everything. After we die we may find out why we were here and also very easily learn nothing at all. All we can really do is experience everything and anything we wish within what we understand we can experience. We can only learn the limits of experience by actually experiencing for ourselves what we wish to experience and then push the limits as far as we desire. After all, we are only here for a blink of a cosmic eye in the grand scheme of things (I know, that is a belief system, too). Why spend it fretting or planning for later on. DO IT RIGHT NOW! What I like so much about this concept is that it releases us from fear, worry, guilt, and distress. This concept opens the door to not worrying about tomorrow. Not worrying about "planning for the future". What is future? Not fretting about how you messed up yesterday or last week or 5 years ago. Why would you even for a second entertain such silliness? I have come to look at my experience here in this reality as simply a buffet of experiences. I can try out whichever I wish. I can take a single bite of that chocolate and if it doesn't suit me right this second I can spit it out on the white carpet of life and put the rest back in the box. It is really that easy. To me, this is the answer to life's questions. That even spending time looking for answers is just another piece of chocolate I can bite into if I wish and not spending time looking for answers is just a different piece of chocolate. The paths we can choose are limitless. There is nothing, not a single obstacle, in our way of walking any path. We can have what we wish or not have what we wish. Everything and anything is up to what we choose right here, right now. Certainly there are adjustments to our reality if we choose a path. Sometimes these are called "consequences". They only are if we call them that ourselves. Sometimes they are called "luck". They are only that if we call them that ourselves. Who is to say that you will get disease if you do not choose to believe in disease? Who says you need medication if you do not choose to believe you need it to be cured? Who is to say that you will be damned to hell if you do not choose to believe, even remotely, in such a belief system? Maybe believing that if you are bad you will go to hell will create that reality for you. So, now I have come to realize that I can just be. Nothing more and nothing less. If tomorrow I choose to walk off a cliff that is neither here nor there. If I choose to be a millionaire that is what I will be. If I choose to sit in a tree with the Howler Monkeys of Costa Rica the day after tomorrow then that is what I will do. No matter what I choose it will be what I choose right now and I will blame nobody, not even myself, for any outcome of the path I select. I choose to believe I can make any adjustment to what satisfies me. I'll just be happy, content and satisfied if I so choose. I will just be.
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