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Heart Over Mind

Finding peace within ourselves seems to be a hard avenue to follow. Worry and fear have become such an epidemic in our society. The frustrations, the not knowing, and the uncertainties for the future always seem to make their way straight into our minds, flashing out in neon, "See Me! Hear Me! Big Scary Problem! What am I going to do?" Life can seem downright complicated at times. So, what do most people do? They run to whoever will listen and feed into their "problems" and addictions to drama. Whether that be friends, family, strangers, therapist, etc... Make no mistake, there are times that these people can offer great insight, but a majority of the time they act as our sounding boards for our incessant rambling. We are always looking for someone or something to justify our beliefs and reasoning's for our behaviors or decisions. When you base your actions and decisions on that of another, you not only do them a disservice, but you take away the greatest gift you can give to yourself, the gift of self-empowerment. We as humans have not allowed ourselves or where never taught to allow life to flow and trust in our own inner guidance. Once judgment is placed on a particular thought it convolutes the true essence of that experience. Our brain immediately takes over and dissects and interprets everything we perceive. It ultimately turns something very minuet into a grand scale catastrophe. What is it that we as humans can do to give ourselves the peace and trust from within to know everything is as it should be? We can take the time to relax and quiet the mind! Don't allow yourself to dissect or over think anything. It is a habit that needs to be broken. Allow life to flow. Trust what you feel within, from the heart, and know that will guide you through life. It will answer your most troublesome "problems" and show you your divine path through self. You may not receive an instantaneous answer or response, but it will come, right on schedule with the universe. Try it for a while. I guarantee you'll be absolutely amazed by the results. It can sometimes be a scary step to place so much faith in self. Mind you, it gets easier the more you live in a self-empowering reality. Learn to live without judgment of yourself and others. Don't allow yourself to fall into the "victim" syndrome. What a wonderful life we can create!
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