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Full Circle

Many say that our lives are lived in circles just like the seasons of earth. We are naturally drawn to repetitive cycles. From our thoughts and our existence. There is unlimited information all around us, from within, from without, anywhere you search you will find information. It is so vast there is never an end to what is available. The same is true with the questions of life and reality. Humanity places themselves in belief systems that are true and comfortable at every particular phase or stage throughout their lives. Those will continue to change as we continue to grow and change. A couple weeks ago I sat with my partner and started to evaluate and discuss the ideas I had about life and some of my most unanswered questions. I have spent years reading, researching and many months "aware" that I was channeling information. With each bit of newly discovered and exciting information, only more questions arose with new mysteries to solve. It has become a never-ending search, much like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Many wise men say that the answers you seek are right in front of your nose, or that the answers you seek so simple you'll never find them. What I am coming to realize is that there are no answers that quantify an absolute definitive answer for anything. Whether that be societies view as to what is right or wrong, the current view of life's expectations such as; school, job, marriage, retirement, etc... No matter what question you bring forth, each answer or experience will be unique to the individual. Then again are you basing your information on someone else's answers? Can you even prove your existence right now? Is our life lived in mere distraction? If yes, then why? If not, then why? What belief system are you living to justify your answers?
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