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Empowerment Through Manifestation

Today the term manifestation is becoming a house-hold word due to popular published books such as The Secret, which is designed to introduce readers to such manifestation principles as the “Law of Attraction”.

Manifestation, or “to manifest” something, is to visually express one’s-self through a process of individual action. The seeds of manifestation are thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Manifestation is the process of cause and effect utilizing these expressive variables. This process effectively materializes a result based on the cause.

Our thoughts, feelings, and emotions are the tools we use to manifest, or bring forth, experiences in our reality. Our entire life is nothing more than one whole experience comprised of manifested possibilities we have taken action to incorporate into our lives. In life we are free to make choices in each and every moment. These choices are based on possibilities that present themselves to us based on what we attract utilizing these tools. This said, it should become clear that what we think, what we feel, how we react to those thoughts and feelings, and what we communicate through words and body language greatly effects what we attract to us moment by moment.

There are a variety of methods that have developed over time to help individuals master manifestation as a tool to realize our dreams. Ultimately, however, it comes down to attitude, self-esteem, and better understanding who we are as individuals at the deepest level. It is about being able to look at ourselves with real eyes and have the courage to face our fears, release our self-instilled limitations, and utilize our intuition to better understand why we think and feel the way we do, and why we react to those thoughts and feelings the way we do.

It is widely accepted in the scientific community that our thoughts, feelings, and emotions emit vibrational frequency. If this is true, wouldn’t it also be reasonable to assume that the vibration we emit will resonate with other like vibration? If what we emit is what we resonate with, wouldn’t a more satisfying result be to emit thoughts, feelings, and emotions which will resonate with what we truly wish for our lives rather than what we do not? This is the basis for the Law of Attraction and the movement toward self-empowerment.

If what we feel is depression, sadness, lack, loathing, anger, guilt or other destructive behaviors, then what our physical selves will experience is destruction. If how we react to experiences is excessive stress we can only expect our bodies to manifest results caused by stress including continued stressful situations and ultimately disease.

If instead what we feel is happiness, excitement, love, satisfaction, appreciation, and other positive behaviors and emotions, then what we will attract is the same. It is simply our own choice to decide how to feel and how to react to what seems to “happen” to us.

Consider the exercise conducted by Masaru Emoto demonstrating how water crystals are effected by varying vibrations generated by words, sounds, and music. As well, recall the understanding that thoughts, feelings and emotions generate vibration. It could be concluded that these three expressive variables have an effect our own physical cellular structure like that of the water crystals. And, if the vibration can effect cellular structure couldn’t it also have an effect on the frequencies our existence attempts to harmonize with outside of our physical bodies. Like attracts like. If everything in our reality is interconnected as one entire energy, why couldn’t our own existence have an effect on reality as a whole? It not only can, it DOES!

No differently than how a change to one small part of a hologram effects the entire holographic image, changing our thoughts, feelings, and emotions changes the big picture as well. We effectively paint a portrait of ourselves through these three mediums that is projected to our entire reality and our reality acknowledges that vision of ourselves.

Manifestation has a direct effect on our physical health, our relationships, our finances, our daily experiences, and so on. To master manifestation as an effective tool is to open the door to realizing your dreams. It gives us the tools necessary to make positive changes in our lives if we wish, to a reality that serves us more effectively and more productively.

So, how do we actually begin to change the way we have been programmed to think, feel, and react? This begins with first opening your mind to the possibility that altering these variables actually can work for you. The next step is to begin to be completely honest with yourself no matter how hard this may be to face. Start to seriously assess your thought process, how you truly feel physically and emotionally, and how you react to difficult situations in your life.

What many have not yet grasped with this concept is the depth that our thoughts, feelings and emotions are entrenched. These three components stem from our childhood based on influences that have been ingrained into our being. These experiences may stem from various positive and negative feedback we have received, limitations we have placed on ourselves based on self-esteem or lack of self-confidence and the like. Until we face these issues we may not be able to fully express what we desire and remain on that positive path to achieve our goals.

A desire to understand how our childhood experiences have had such a profound influence on who we are today, and how we can break our emotional habits we have developed, is often what inspires many people to seek participation in Token Rock workshops.
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