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Do You Have Psychic Abilities?

Does everyone possess psychic abilities? I say, "YES!" But.... most people do not use their ability. As the saying goes: "use it or lose it." Most people do not try. I was born with psychic abilities. I spent a good deal of my childhood in a bit of a fog. As I mentioned in another newsletter, being part of a large family, can put anyone in a fog. However, for me it seemed different. I knew things that my brothers, sister and parents did not know. When I spoke of these things, I was told to keep quiet. It must have been very disturbing to my mother to have her daughter tell her that the friend she was talking to was lying. That is what I did quite often. I would sit in a chair in the corner of a room and intuitively know what was happening. Well, needless to say in order to survive childhood, I denied my gifts and kept my abilities concealed. When my sister and I reminisce, (she is one year younger), it seems as if I were on another planet. She can remember minute details: what the person wore, what was said and so on. I continually keep asking her, "Where was I?" She is always surprised and lets me know that I was there but probably in my "la la Land". So what is the point I am trying to put across here. I want you the reader to know, yes you, that some people are born already opened. By that, I mean very receptive to the Universal energy. However, most importantly you can develop and learn how to access your abilities with just a bit of effort. In addition, because I denied my gifts, I feel I had to start all over again. I had to lift that veil that separates us from the "other side." I truly feel this is a gift and we all have this ability. Sometimes all it takes is someone or something to help you "open." I met many wonderful teachers along the way and I have been a teacher to many talented students. (Of course, all my students are brilliant!) Likewise, I have met some very clever charlatans. I no longer deny my talent. I use it. How do you get in touch with your intuitive side? I would first start by setting up a regular meditation time. This will help you know what it is like to be in silence. In this silence, you will begin to learn how to listen because all your answers are there and you access the answer through silence. After meditating on a regular basis, begin to make a list in your mind and then on paper, all the reasons why you want to develop your intuition. If you want to be the entertainment at your next party, read no farther. However, if you want to be "open" so that you can be of service to others who need help, then let us get going! Here are some suggestions: 1. Find a reputable psychic and ask about psychic/spiritual classes in your area that you may attend. 2. Beware of psychics who charge a big sum of money and keep you coming back. They are not for you. 3. Seek out any "New Age" bookstore. The people who work there usually are able to recommend some quality places to take a class... 4. Once you start on this path, remember, you have a huge responsibility. You will be planting seeds in your client's energy, field, so do not do anything rash. 5. Once, you are ready to "read", ask your friends if you can practice on them. Ask them to tell you honestly how you are doing and what they are experiencing. This is very important to establish a protocol (routine) for your readings and with your clients. 6. I do not use cards or props. I suggest, for the person just getting started, you try taking the persons hand in your hand so you can be in their energy field. This will give you a good deal of information as to what is happening in their lives at the time you are reading... 7. A word of caution: Do not make any statements such as: I see Mr. X dying or Mrs. X is very sick and she will not last to next week. This is not what you should be saying. You could but I see no valid reason to play this game. If you see or feel something negative, what I do is let it go and in a few minutes, if the thought comes back, I know it must be said but...I carefully choose my words. I may say, Mr. X is ill as we both know and I see him preparing to passover but I cannot give you a date'. Or if this is not known, I will say ...'Mr.X has some health problems and should see a doctor'.When I read, I ask my angels and guides to bring me the highest levels of information. If you want to develop your intuiton, remember: You have a tremendous responsibility. Always be aware, alert and loving. Again, if this is your purpose in life, you will know it. It will feel natural to you and the people who will come to you for Readings will also give you a sense that you are there to help them. As to what you charge for a reading, let's save that for another Newsletters. Remember, write me care of Let me know how you are doing. I am very interested.
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