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A New Years Resolution to Living in Non-Judgment

I love the season of Christmas and New Years. Even if you don't celebrate Christmas or believe in Jesus, you have to admit that the season seems to bring out the best in people. There is definitely more love in the air. People are in the spirit of giving more than any other time of the year. Then comes the New Year's resolutions. A time of renewal.

I have put much time and effort into discovering who I really am and why I am here. Along this journey I have learned a lot about unconditional love and non-judgment. I find myself more and more aware of how people are so judgmental. But more shocking to me is how I am still judgmental.

We have grown up in a society that judges people by their race, color, religion, where they live, how they dress, how they wear their hair, etc. It is so engrained in us. We have become such a fear based society.

Why is it that we can look at stranger, not knowing a thing about him or her and still pass judgment upon them? Is it possible that we see something in them that we don't like about ourselves? Maybe it reminds us of a time that we were living in a cloud of un-truths, not willing to take responsibility for our own actions. Maybe we just fear what the unknown has to offer.

Fear has taken the place of love, and humanity has forgotten the power within each and every soul they share life with. Instead of seeing another's potential and light, people are more accustomed to seeing their weaknesses and negativity.

How can we allow this to be a part of our divine plan? We are all coming to a point in our personal awakening where we stand upon the Pathways of Ascension and we integrate the eyes of Father/Mother God, and in so doing we will see life and our fellow travelers through the eyes of God.

This certainly does not mean that you will now see life in an unrealistic fashion. It means that where once you saw negativity you now see potential; where once you saw weakness, you now see a soul striving to discover more of themselves.

So, when considering your New Year's resolution, I challenge you to look through the eyes of Mother/Father God and see the potential in that soul that is currently lost to a world darkness. When you see weakness in the face of those you meet, I challenge you to see a soul striving to discover more of themselves. And I challenge you to love them unconditionally and without judgment.

I know for myself, I will be practicing viewing the world through the eyes of Mother/Father God, EVERY DAY of my life.

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