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Christ Consciousness of Self

For so many this marks a period in time fraught with immense transition manifesting through every challenge imaginable. Humanity is being forced to see the changes necessary for our spiritual evolution. We are no longer able to live passive unfulfilled lives, denying the very things that we have once chosen to suppress and ignore. At our core level, we are being asked to wakeup and see beyond the illusion. This process is not always one of ease.

Everything we once knew is being shaken from its very foundation revealing a new path in life. This is our time, right NOW, to realize and accept these monumental and exciting gifts that are being bestowed.

The old systems of reality are crumbling around us as we subconsciously create the exact environment and experiences necessary for this awareness to surface. There are no pieces to pick up, only a new medium to use while we construct a beautiful new life based on the fundamentals of love, acceptance, understanding and forgiveness.

Christ ConsciounessWe are being asked to have 'blind faith' on an unknown path. This is the true meaning of Christ Consciousness, not faith in some other entity but a total and complete knowing of Self as divine beings of oneness. It is a time to marry Self with a deeper understanding of our connection to all things within this experience. It a time to forge new relationships expressed at a whole new level of intimacy.

Once we accept and flow with these transitions the more in-tune will we be with our destined path. It is essential that we let go of all judgments, fears and victim complexes. We have all agreed to play select roles for one another. Contrary to what we may think, some of our most challenging relationships are shared with those we are most connected to on a soul level. Thank them for the experiences and know these are some of the greatest gifts we can share with one another, for they have unlocked the door to our freedom. It is our choice to move forward and see the divineness of the experience.

As we begin to see the bigger picture we gain a newfound appreciation for all of life's adversities and relationships. As we let go of the pain the seeds of our beings begin to blossom and fill with the sweetness of eternal existence.

The Glimpse
~ Channeled Message from Notes from Within

the GlimpseTake a glimpse through the eyes of eternity. It's but resting right along side of you, yet you are blind to it. For it envelops all that you are above and beyond your comprehension in its totality. Poke through the thin layer of dust that separates you, but only in your mind. For you are a powerful being waiting to discover your divineness but are unsure where to look. For you need not look anywhere for you are already infinite. It is within you and has always been.

Never alone or apart from the whole, you wander aimlessly searching for peace but have not yet discovered the simplicity of your search. For complicated have you made life with its rewards and punishments, its loves and hates, its judgments and acceptance...all a part of your own misconstrued illusions. Accept all creations, for you know not why you judge them. See divinity in all things as it will surely set your dreams free from the egos bondage. Love, laugh, and forgive. Share that with everyone you encounter, for they are your greatest teacher and keys to freedom.

With love,

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