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Token Rock PublishingAs a publisher, Token Rock strives to share new and unique material that inspires and empowers people. It is our goal to work with aspiring, committed authors to bring their book ideas to life.

With extensive book publishing experience, an award-winning design portfolio, intuitive editing and desktop publishing capabilities, printing and distribution relationships, and our vast and popular online website to encourage further promotion of authors and their work, our organization may be an ideal resource for many aspiring writers.

We currently accept submissions from agents and writers, both established and unpublished. It is our vision to distribute the writings of those who have profound words to share with the world—online and in print. Our mission, as always, is to inspire and be inspired, and this often starts with creative and talented writers and field experts.

To submit your work to Token Rock Publishing for consideration, please adhere to the following Submission Requirements:

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Token Rock only accepts books for adults and children related to spirituality, self-empowerment, personal achievement, personal well-being, consciousness, and science. If your manuscript falls within one of these categories or your material covers a subject that may be of interest to our company based on the target audience we have outlined above, please proceed to Step 1 below.

Visit our Contact Us page and complete the form. Select “Publishing” from the drop-down menu. In the “Comment” field, please share a bit about yourself, your background, and what led you to write your manuscript. Also, please share with us a general overview or synopsis of your written work. If we are interested in reviewing a complete copy of your finished manuscript, we will notify you and provide detailed submission instructions of how and where to send your material.

Once we notify you that we wish to review your work further, we will require you to send us HARD COPY ONLY of your manuscript. We do not accept disks or email submissions.

Once we have received your manuscript and any additional material we have requested, we will review it and notify you regarding our interest or intentions.

You may access our Contact page here to get started. Best of luck!

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