One on One with Nancy!

You and Nancy Laine will have a private phone consultation to discuss your personal numerology make up and how it effects your daily life. Discover how to get the most out of your life and become the 'best friend' you ever had!

Discuss what Numerology reveals about *WHO you really are, WHAT you're here to do (aka 'Your Sacred Contract'), WHEN it's best to do it -- and WHO it's best to do it with!
1 ½ Hour Individual Consultation *
Our Price: $157.00

Your Relationship In Depth

Would you like to have the relationship of your dreams? Whether it's your lover, a potential mate, a family member, or a business associate, this consultation will give you a MAJOR advantage. You will learn to speak their soul's 'language', discover their deepest desires and hidden motivations, understand their fears - and get on the road to becoming one of the best friends they ever had!

Join Nancy Laine for a private phone consultation to discuss how your Numerology chart compares with the chart of *another -- WHO you both really are, WHAT you both want most deeply, and HOW to increase the harmony in your relationship!
1 ½ Hour Relationship Consultation *
Our Price: $207.00

Name Change Consultation

Looking to change your name? Getting Married? Becoming a Rock Star? Your new name will have a significant, long-lasting impact on your life -- take this important action to increase your chances of creating a positive change! Discuss your possible name change with Nancy Laine to see who you really are, what traits your CURRENT NAME has been bringing to the surface in your life, and WHICH NAME on your list of possible new names is best suited to support you on your journey.

Learn inspiring new information about yourself and gain crucial new insights through the perspective of Numerology as Nancy compares your main 'core numbers' - your Life Path, Heart's Desire, Personality and Expression numbers - and teaches you what to look for in a new name.
1 ½ Hour Name Change Consultation *
Our Price: $257.00
*NOTE: Private Consultations are recorded and provided as downloadable MP3 audio files as a courtesy. Enjoy revisiting your session with Nancy Laine by saving your consultation to your computer, iPod, or cell phone!

Client acknowledges that Nancy Laine and Token Rock Inc. are not responsible for failure or inability to provide recordings of sessions in the event of equipment failure or any other reason.

The accuracy of this consultation will depend on the accuracy of the full original birth certificate name and birth date of the person(s), which you will send to Nancy prior to your scheduled consultation.

NOTE: Years ago, many people knew our Numerologist, Nancy Laine, by her maiden name 'Nancy Trowbridge'. (Just in case you're one of them!)
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