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Compatibility of a Life Path 9 and 3

Numerology Life Path Number 9Numerology Life Path Number 3
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This aspect of the chart, reflects excellent compatibility between the two of you. The three and the nine can form a strong unity, one that often lasts for a very long time - if not forever. They represent archetypes that are almost mythical in their romantic bond. Lots of stories of endless patience and self-sacrifice could be told about this unity. And what makes this so surprising is the fact that this is possible even though both numbers are considered self-centered, even egocentric at times.

You both have powerful imaginations and intense inner lives, and that makes the two of you creative, albeit in very different ways. They have a unique, somewhat offbeat originality, and expects life to be full of unexpected events and turns. You, in turn, like to manipulate the environment until everything is harmonious. You have the talent to combine colors and materials to create beauty in a disciplined manner.

They appreciate the way you seems to be able to control events and surroundings, while you envie the easy manner in which they accepts, and takes advantage of, whatever life has to offer. This brings balance to your relationship.

Their three in this part of the chart is often compared to the sun: warming and comforting to everyone, inspiring and uplifting to all.

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