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Compatibility of a Life Path 9 and 1

Numerology Life Path Number 9Numerology Life Path Number 1
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Due to the fact that both of you have a tendency towards arrogance as well as to being somewhat egocentric, this is a very difficult relationship, as far as romance is concerned. At least in this aspect of the chart. It will only work if a certain amount of distance is maintained. Each of you has to live your own life. Ironically, although difficult, this is not a bad combination for most other kinds of relationships.

Friendships, parent-child as well as business relationships, often work very well with this combination. Precisely
because the numbers stand on opposite ends of the spectrum. They complement and balance each other. Together, they represent a lot of talents and useful qualities that ensure a powerful combination in most relationships, except in romance.

It is in romance that these numbers tend to be challenging. The solution lies in mutual understanding, not to get in your partner's way, not to expect your partner to always be there for you, and certainly not to expect your partner to live the kind of life you feel is right.

This combination has a much better chance of surviving if you and them have the number two and/or six among their other core numbers.

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