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Compatibility of a Life Path 7 and 7

Numerology Life Path Number 7Numerology Life Path Number 7
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Yours is a beautiful combination, with great potential for spiritual growth for both partners. You are people who take life and life's mysteries serious. Your strong
intellectual and spiritual bond makes you thrive on each others mental powers. The relationship between two seven's may start in the heart, but it quickly moves to the
soul and the term "soul mates" often applies to people who have the seven in common in this part of the chart. Poets at heart - even if you have never written a poem in your life - you understand intuitively that your bond with each other is spiritual in nature and more valuable to you than anything else in the world. You grow together, without the need to constantly be together. You communicate in half sentences and you often find yourself thinking or expressing the exact same thing your partner was just getting ready to say.

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