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Compatibility of a Life Path 2 and 9

Numerology Life Path Number 2Numerology Life Path Number 9
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Whereas you are open and easy going in matters of the heart, they are more careful and perhaps distant. In fact, they know that it is in part this care, this need to maintain a safe distance, which has caused passed relationships to crash. It is not easy for them to be deeply involved in a relationship and trust that it is safe to act uninhibited, unselfconsciously. On the other hand, it is natural for you to respond to the moment without first having to weigh possible consequences. You can be immediate, responsive and fearless like a child and, just like a child, feel totally safe.

Always seeking the shelter of the inner world, they need to learn to let go, to surrender to the heart, if this relationship is to endure and grow. You can give love and friendship left and right. On the contrary. The number nine is self-sacrificing and generous to a fault. Maybe that is the way you release all the love in you. A problem exists only when this love comes too close to their inner self. As long as there is some distance, you feel safe. The moment someone attempts to step into your inner world, you have a tendency to close the doors.

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