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Compatibility of a Life Path 2 and 6

Numerology Life Path Number 2Numerology Life Path Number 6
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Two and six are considered the most loving numbers of all. However, their love expresses itself in different ways. Your two, in the relationship part of the chart, reveals sensitivity, awareness of emotional forces in yourself and others, and an ability to recognize the subtle and often hidden motives in others.

Their six points to a powerful urge to care and protect, to shelter those you love and to comfort them. In fact, one of the few traits a six has to guard for is not to smother others with its love. This combination forms a strong foundation for any relationship, but in particular for a romantic one. You both love easily and without holding back. You are not afraid to reveal your feelings.

However, it is only in the strength of their love and their need for sharing and giving that these two numbers overlap. In many other respects, they are very different and, sometimes, even opposite. Your love is one of feelings and emotions driven by the need for companionship, security, and comfort.

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