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Master Numerologist Hans Decoz

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Our Numerology Compatibility Calculator lets you easily calculate your compatibility to someone else based on your Life Path numbers. To use select your birthdate on the top, and select the birthdate of the other person on the bottom.

How It Works

We calculate both Life Path numbers using the same method as our Life Path number calculator.

For example Jan. 25, 1973 becomes:

Jan = 1
25 = (2 + 5) = 7
1973 = (1 + 9 + 7 + 3) = 20 = (2 + 0) = 2

1 + 7 + 2 = 10 = 1 + 0 = 1 =

Life Path Number: 1

We then offer the write-up for those Life Path numbers. Keep in mind that the Life Path number is generalized, a personalised report will provide much greater detail that is specific to you.
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