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In 2007, pianist and composer Stuart Mitchell along with his father T.J. Mitchell, discovered a series of carved patterns on cubes within the Rosslyn Chapel containing hidden musical notes. Through th...
This is a great video combining the ancient practices of Egypt and the correlations between the pineal gland and the art of lucid dreaming.John Anthony West, researcher and author of 'Serp...
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David Wilcock, whom has been referred to as the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, discusses the symbology associated with the Mayan Calendar and crop circles. Having studied the Mayan calendar and finding...
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John Stuart Reid demonstrates how overtones (pure energy tones) from the sounds of a flute, chanting, animals, and a cello create beautiful and unique cymatic images....
An excellent demonstration of the use of sound vibration and it's effects on salt particles scattered about a platform. Notice the audible range and how it continually recreates geometric patterns as ...
This is a 10 minute extract from the 8 DVD series Magical Egypt, produced by Chance Gardner, and based on the research of John Anthony West. There are two different stories told about this...
Essential Oils
Divine Music
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