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I: Facing our fears can been a scary process, but if you let your heart guide the way you will find that your fear was nothing more than a tiny thread of silk holding you back from a life filled with pas...
I: You must choose to change your outlook! No one else can do that for you :) Take time to listen to yourself, ask that you be filled with a renewed sense of passion for life. You need to get the stagnat...
I: Each reason varies upon the individual, but you are definitely not alone. Many people experience this exact thing, though the actual times may be different. I have found it to be a nudge from the Univ...
I: Seeing repetitive numbers has become a common occurrence for those who are becoming more "aware". I look at it as a wonderful gift and blessing. Each set of numbers means something different to each i...
I: Hello Teri, Many people experience different effects based on the moons cycle and planetary alignment. It is actually quite common...even not being able to sleep. Whether you feel as though you are a...
I: Hello Michelle, Life has no choice but to move forward and evolve. Though you may feel as though you are in a holding pattern, begin to take little steps to start that forward movement in your life. ...
I: Hi Jen, Yes, your Expression does change and take on a new vibration once married. Though, you are already married this article may provide you with some additional insight:
I: Hello Lucia, I don't feel you need to do anything repetitive to implement the power or energy of this name change. Just begin using it, embrace it and its effects will naturally play a role in your l...
I: Hello Lili, Dreams are such an amazing and sometimes confusing glimpse into our subconscious. They offer many different meanings ranging from events that occurred during the day to prophetic insig...
I: Hello Ronnie, Like you, I am also an 11... Life path and Expression. 11's tend to have a heightened sense of intuition, hence the visions or intuitive flashes you receive. Meditation are definitely o...
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