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Q:I am running a very bad patch in my life, loss of financial and also about my business. When will it turn in positive?
I have been there. Honestly. For me, I discovered that what I wanted in my life didn't begin to manifest until I resolved issues in my life I was not willing to face. In fact, I am still working through some of it but the reality is, when the grain is coarse and we brush against it rather than with it, we must expect splinters. It wasn't until life pulled out it's supporting rug that I discovered the rug itself was the problem. I was pushing to hard for something that wasn't meant to be. When I let it go... when I let go of what I thought was right for me my life started to get a whole lot easier. Could there be something in your life that you are holding onto that isn't meant to be? If so, even if it is painful to face, should you consider doing so? Let go and let it flow, my friend... and I mean that with the most sincere first hand experience.


Insight provided by Scott Leuthold.
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