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Q:Personal relationship in turmoil boyfriend left no communication for a month Is there a future or an end My dob 7:10:73 His 21:2:77
Sorry to hear the news, and I feel your pain. I must admit that it's impossible to tell from your birthdates whether you have a future together, or if this is the end. However, I will tell you this.

With your 1 Life Path and 7 Birthday next to his 11 Life Path and 3 Birthday, you may have a built-in challenge with communication.

He is probably MUCH more sensitive than you are. And he bruises very easily, and is probably afraid of saying how he really feels -- for fear that he'd regret it later. Like in the past. And he really doesn't want to hurt you!

So, if you do get back together, you are going to have to monitor everything you say, and everything you do. But only always.

Can you deal with that?

Do you really love him enough to WANT to deal with that?

Because chances are very good that you are pretty direct and to the point, and tend to express things rather "matter of fact-ly", am I right?

A relationship like this can work, but only IF you love each other enough to get through your natural communication differences.

I wish you both peace and happiness!

Nancy Laine
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