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Q:My father will be coming home after a long illness on 11/11/11 discharge time is 11:00. This medical problem will end 11 months an 11 days after it started . Is there anything you can tell me about all the 11's. This is a little unnerving the way this is playing out . Any thoughts?
11 is a Master number in numerology, the two ones in 11 can signify a portal or passage, like two pillars. Whenever I've encountered an abundance of 11's for what seems to be good or bad circumstances, I've typically found in retrospect that this was an event integral to my destined path, and while perhaps unpleasant at the time, allowed shifts to occur that improved my ability to handle what was coming ahead. I saw a great many 11's just prior to my diagnosis with cancer, during the subsequent surgery and then after the surgery was performed. While cancer certainly seems like a bad turn of fate, it was actually a complete redirection in my path, as being out of work for a year for blood work and other testing, I qualified for a grant to go back to college and was able to change careers to something much more in line with my inner being. My best suggestion is to look at the situation objectively, and ask yourself, If I was looking through the eyes of the creator, or the universe if you prefer, being omnipotent and able to see things many moves in advance, what could this experience be preparing me for as I move forward with my life?

Hope this helps!

Insight provided by Bill White, synchronicity expert.
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