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Q:How do I remain in a positive and uplifted state when life becomes stressful and challenging?
Attitude and perception are a direct result of your state-of-mind. This is why the first step in remaining positive and uplifted in tough situations, or in any situation in life, is to assume the roll of the observer rather than the victim.

As an observer of your life you allow yourself to step outside the situation playing out, almost as if you are a member of the audience watching a play. When we realize that these difficult moments in life are not happening TO us and separate ourselves from the reactions that typically occur as a result of taking them personally, we have the ability to release ourselves from the control they put on our lives.

Stress has been described and defined in a wide variety of ways, but really, stress is a roadblock, a diversion, and ultimately adds to our deteriorating health. Stress can be broken like an addiction. This is achieved by allowing yourself to step outside of the situation and see it as an observer.

When you watch your life play out like a movie, you become less concerned about the challenges, releasing your fears, and instead look at each and every moment with anticipation as to what is going to happen next.

Insight thoughtfully provided by: Scott Leuthold
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