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Intuitive Reading with Donna Wilson

Donna Wislon - intuitive Readi

Connect personally with Donna Wilson as you engage in a loving and heartfelt reading that will provide you insight into learning more about yourself and your path in this lifetime. Help clear blocks to your own personal growth and receive answer to the questions you may have. Connect with the other side of the veil (spirit world) and receive beautiful messages for healing from one's loss, or wisdom for your future.

Here are some ideas in which Donna may provide insight and guidance:
  • Your career path
  • Finding a meaningful relationship
  • Making a critical decision
  • Knowing your life's purpose
  • Health issues or concerns (does not diagnose)
  • Connect with a deceased relative or friend. Work on forgiveness and closure with someone that has passed.
  • Receive messages from your higher self or spirit guides
  • Concerns about family members
  • Increase your own psychic abilities

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I personally spent a lot of years trying to reach a higher vibration. After that long, you sometimes question your faith when you don't feel that you have made it anywhere. But, believe me, I have known Donna for all but 7 minutes of her life and never even considered the possibility that she would be one of the gifted.

Donna immediately tapped into her vibration and focused on raising it higher. She is very good at visualization and in a very short time she was receiving messages from the other side of the veil. Her accuracy has been amazing. - Diane

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Thank you so much for the spiritual help you gave me and our family. You helped make a difficult time very uplifting for me spiritually and gave me one of the most impactful experiences of my life. I will never forget your tremendous help then and into the future… Barbara

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Donna, you have truly enriched my life with your wonderful and selfless gift from God. I can't find the right words to explain the comfort you have given me by bringing forth the messages from my mother and father on the other side. Not only from them, but others who watch over me and help me stay on my path, and I have been given validation on all issues—you were right on!!

Keep spreading the truth and the light, and thank you very much for helping me realize mine and giving up fear. You are amazing!

Love and light to you

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Donna Wilson
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