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Soul Messages from Carrie-Anne D'Angelo

Carrie-Anne -Soul Messages

Receive a unique channeled message specifically for you or another. Sometimes all we require are a few words of encouragement and wisdom to see us through. Each channeled message received contains universal wisdom appropriate for your souls growth and happiness.

These messages are not predictions and may not always include specific answers with regard to people, places and things. The length of the message received may vary depending on what spirit provides.

Please feel free to email me with any questions: Carrie-Anne D'Angelo
About ~ Carrie-Anne

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Dear Carrie-Anne,
I just finished reading your channeled message and I've been so touched by it. I could feel the love in the words. I've been crying over it. Everytime i think about it, I cry.

'follow your guide and I will lead you to the depths of your soul,' was a very profound statement for me.

I have desperately tried to make my connection, but so far have not been successful… I feel as though I'm getting closer. Thank you for your words and I look forward to working with you on developing my inner connection.

With love,
Diane Galloway

Divide Line

You are a breath of fresh air. Thank you for following your Divine Path and sharing your wisdom and heart with the world.
Cheers, Becky.

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I just read ' The Glimpse' and was truly blessed by your words. I read it out loud as if it was a ' Spoken Word' piece and received some great ideas. AMAZING!

~ Chantal L

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