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Carrie-Anne -Intuitive Guidanc

Through discussion, intuitive insight and loving guidance, Carrie-Anne will help you to navigate life circumstances and personal issues with conscious awareness. You will learn simple tools that will help you to move forward with strength, passion and purpose. With a commitment to Self you will awaken to a life filled with peace, love, and happiness that is inherent to you!

Please feel free to email me with any questions: Carrie-Anne D'Angelo
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Carrrie-Anne, like her company name, IS a spiritual rock to people who, like myself, need to deal with deep emotional and spiritual issues that are hard for an individual themselves to achieve a perspective on. Carrie has the rare ability to be able to go straight to the root of emotional, artistic and spiritual issues, making it easier for a person to truly value the energies and opportunities presenting themselves within their own lives. A rare ability for understanding and creative adjustment through spiritual balance.

As a spiritual guide, teacher and writer, the mutual exchange of thoughts, feelings and ideas generated with Carrie-Anne, aids a journey down a spiritual path where you are never alone, always reaching for further horizons, bigger goals and ultimate dreams.

On reading Carrie's poems, visions and transcendent thoughts, they always fill you with an everlasting and eternal sensation of peace, love and inspiration. Carrie-Anne is a soul who has come to this Earth, in this time, to share her energy and ascension, by joining together the hearts and minds of all sentient beings, into one coherent ubiquitous voice, for the great ascension to the higher dimensional planes that is upon us as we speak.

~Stuart Mitchell

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I've worked with Carrie for many years and she is the real deal - a beautiful soul, here to teach, guide and share her gift with others. I'm a believer in higher power, but not necessarily the crystals and spirits mumbo-jumbo type. I'm just an average busy mom with a life full of trials and tribulations, decisions, opportunities, joys, sorrows and love. I've discussed, business, family, love and health issues with Carrie and been extremely impressed with the outcome of each of our conversations and the results that followed.

Carrie has a unique ability to work with you and open your mind to the possibilities and alternative choices you are not consciously aware of. She is an enabler of positive energy flow and her sessions provide insightful and direct feedback that leads to great things. She offers practical advice and wise guidance on issues. She equips you to open your heart and have confidence to see what is in front of you so you can take action.

If you are open to the idea, curious or just want to see how it feels to free your mind, body and spirit, have just one conversation with Carrie. She is full of knowledgeable information, ideas, connections and is a tremendous life resource.

~Mary V

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I have known Carrie-Anne D'Angelo for five years. In those five years she has been amazing with her deep knowledge of the human soul and spirit. Her foresight into what I was feeling spiritually and her willingness to help with my life has been a blessing.

Her intuition of knowing when and how to say something helpful and meaningful has been uncanny. She is a wonderful woman with a great soul and compassion to help the human spirit in its search for meaning and clarity.

She will always be someone I turn to for advice and wisdom.

Pat Hilt

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I met Carrie-Anne D'Angelo more than 20 years ago in high school. Fortunately for me, we reconnected through Facebook about two months ago at a time in my life when I wasn't sure if I would ever feel love again. I was lucky enough to stay strong through the hard times of my life but wanted more. I came to Carrie for guidance and immediately felt a strong connection of trust and honesty with her as she walked me through the rough roads of hopelessness and loneliness.

I was totally amazed by the connection that I felt through her kind words and wisdom that she offered to me after so many years of not communicating. In our conversations, she was always able to calm my nerves allowing my mind to open up to new ideas on how to approach life as a journey. During the time I was conversing with Carrie-Anne, I met an amazing woman that I've come to cherish deeply.

My eyes were opened up by a wonderful, warm-hearted friend, Carrie-Anne. Her perspectives helped me find a level of self-worth that had been missing from my life, and therefore allowing me to be open to finding love for myself and others.

Carrie, thank you so much for your kind words, guidance, and wisdom to get me through life's great challenges....

~Shane G.

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