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About Donna Wilson
Donna WilsonDonna is a kind, compassionate, and giving person who began her journey to the truth at a very young age finding that her gift and passion was more in the area of healing through intuitive messages and various healing techniques. She has studied various healing modalities such as:

• Reiki
• EFT - (Emotional Freedom Technique)
• EMF Balancing (Electromagnetic Field Balancing)
• Kinesiology
• Intuitive Healing

Donna combines these modalities along with her intuitive abilities to help you successfully bring balance and truth to the mind, body and spirit helping you return to your natural state of being.

Donna has now dedicated her life to helping others with her gift. She gives accurate and honest answers to your questions based on information she receives. She is insightful and compassionate. Donna's voice is soothing to hear which brings a peaceful, relaxed atmosphere to your session. She is able to give readings online, over the telephone or in person. Donna also conducts meditations and again, with her soothing voice, helps participants relax and increase the visualization experience.

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Donna Wilson
Donna Wilson
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