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Alexis GenevieveAlexis is an American born Crystal Adult of French, Cherokee, Prussian, Romanian, and Irish descent. Her gifts are God-given and were greatly amplified by a near-death experience that occurred in 2002. After being pronounced clinically dead she returned with a perspective and purpose that was elevated to the Divine realms. Her power stems from her faith and dedication to God and His only begotten son Jesus Christ. Her philosophy is founded in Esoteric Christianity and is evidenced by the manner in which she lives. Aside from her spiritual service Alexis is a loving, dedicated wife and mother with exceptional entrepreneurial ability.

Her passions include gourmet cooking, painting, animals, travel, fashion, music, and generally speaking, anything with a creative outlet. She "walks the walk" of the spiritual path and believes strongly in leading by example. She is a rising star and New Paradigm leader doing her part in ever-increasing ways to help usher in God's coming Kingdom. In addition to her writing on TokenRock Alexis gives free, periodic intuitive updates on her Facebook Fan Page and is available for professional networking on LinkedIn.
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