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Thank you for taking interest in essentila oils. We at Token Rock believe that once one takes an interest in a subject like essential oils and their benefits to your personal wellness, it can become an obsesion. We intend to feed that obsession with a collection of proprietary videos hosted by our in-house essential oils expert, Soliel Brigham. To begin, however, we are pleased to share a collection of informative videos recorded by doTerra that we feel will shed light on their company and the quality they demand.

Nature Walk: Learn About Plants and Essential Oils of the Southwest

Nature Walk with Soleil Brigham, Health and Wellness Educator and former hiking guide of Sedona, Arizona. Learn about many of the local plants, and their health benefits including Cypress, Juniper Berry, Mormon Tea, Agave, and Prickly Pear

What is an Essential Oil?

You Asked We Answered, Episode 1 - doTerra

You Asked We Answered, Episode 2 - doTerra

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Essential Oils
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