Rediscovering Your Divine Music

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What if there was an underlying universal language that encompassed everything in your reality but you simply were not aware? What if you had been led away from this truth as a child? Would you want to know? What if you could find a way to rediscover your connection to it and in doing so could change your whole perspective on life and your powerful place within it?

I have been given a unique opportunity to discover such a language and with this opportunity, have challenged myself to find my own truths about life. I've dug deep for answers and unearthed profound realizations about our reality and our connection to all things in my new book Rediscovering Your Divine Music. The words of American Transcendentalist writers such as Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau, as well as naturalist writers such as John Muir, have offered me truly inspiring perspectives. With these perspectives came the revelation that we can find peace and balance in life through our rediscovery that we are instruments of the universal orchestra playing Nature's grand symphony.

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'The music plays. Listen and you shall hear.' ~ S.C. Leuthold
RYDM Book CoverThese words speak volumes, yet what do they truly mean? As you will come to realize through reading Rediscovering Your Divine Music, the role that music plays in our lives is infinitely more profound than many truly appreciate.

My personal quest has been to come to an understanding of who I am in this reality and what purpose I have for being here. Through this experience of rediscovering my Higher Self and my connection to the harmony of all things, I have spent a great deal of time in deep contemplation, I have philosophized with many friends and colleagues on the subject, and I have often arrived at what I felt might be reasonable perspectives. As time went on, I came to understand that we are here for the journey and not the destination. We are here to learn and grow alongside our friends and family; the fellow eternal spiritual beings that have likely shared with us the journey of many lifetimes. It is my deepest desire that as a result of reading this book you take this simple message into your mind and heart: We are all one.

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'This book speaks the truth. We do live in a musical universe - simple as a Mozart sonata and deep as a Bach fugue. In sharing the song of his everyday life, Scott illuminates the divine harmony in the world and, in so doing, the music inside us all.'

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