Thomas J. Mitchell

Thomas J. Mitchell was born in 1932 in Lanarkshire, Scotland. He is a retired professional musician. Tommy played brass baritone in the Royal Air Force Iraq Command Military Band in the early 1950s. It was during this period that he became interested in pre-history while visiting many of the ancient sites in the Middle East.

Tommy also played piano and organ in his career and made a study of the ancient diatonic scale and its relationships to sacred geometry and esoteric teachings. He became a Freemason in the early 1960s and gained access to information that had a bearing on his lifetime interest in the history of music and its relationship to classical architecture. It was this interest that led him in the late 1970s to the mystery of the cubes in Rosslyn Chapel and the
possibility that music lay hidden in the arches.

Other interests include watercolour painting and poetry. Tommy has recently completed a booklet of his recent poems which will also be avaliable on download.

Essential Oils
Divine Music
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