Stu Mitchell

Mantra: Our survival is the hands of our willingness to express compassionate vibrations
I love music, knowledge, animals, life, architecture, not doing a 9-5 job, physics, acoustics, Red Panda's, dreaming, spiritual journeys, the joy and the sadness, mountains, rivers, canyons, Saturn's Rings, Titan, Olympus Mons, the stars, the light and the truth. I love discussions with my friends on all aspects of all life and how we can collaborate to expand these ideas into reality. I love this idea about a 'key' to life. 'Key' as represented in music and as a symbol of universal understanding. The more I analyse nature the more I see an efficiency of simplicity within a structure that is beyond complexity. You may have a richly orchestrated score but it is always the melody that is ingrained into their minds and soul.I also like Hoegaarden beer mixed with just a hint of Cider to make a a really cool snake-bite. :-)
Essential Oils
Divine Music
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