John Stuart Reid

John Stuart Reid is an English acoustics engineer and co-inventor of the CymaScope, a laboratory instrument that makes sound visible. He has studied the world of sound for over 40 years. He is one of only two men who have conducted an acoustic study of the Great Pyramid and he published the result in 'Egyptian Sonics.' In collaboration with dolphin researcher, Jack Kassewitz, John is presently engaged in pioneering research in deciphering dolphin language using the CymaScope to create dolphin word pictures.

Annaliese Shanda Reid co-wrote 'Journey into Wholeness,' a map for living life fully, a map she followed herself when a life-threatening illness struck. She recovered using energetic healing techniques and has since lectured extensively on the healing arts both in the USA and UK. She has studied Eastern philosophies for over 20-years and both Annaliese and John share a passion for the power of sound to heal. Together they are engaged in writing several books on their researches.
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